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The New York Times is at it again with its vicious misogyny and reflexive hatred of progressive ideas. On the front page of the New York Times is the article Elizabeth Warren Apologizes to Cherokee Nation.  The bad faith in this article is astounding. Before you go further read this article from Huffington Post. Let’s go over how the headline gets it completely wrong and actively tries to smear Elizabeth Warren and make her look weak and feckless.

1. The article is poorly sourced. The article is based on one second-hand source who was no party to the conversation or had any communication with Elizabeth Warren at all.

2. Elizabeth Warren did not apologize to the Cherokee Nation (if she apologized at all), she instead apologized to a single tribe that contained (according to the Huffington Post article) the single Cherokee spokesperson who criticized her DNA test. She did not even speak directly to him but to the local chief who did not criticize Warren but supported his Secretary of State Hoskins, the one person who criticized Warren.

3. Even if the reporting person (the secretary of the chief) was correct, Elizabeth Warren did not apologize for the DNA test. It seems she felt bad about any confusion about what it means to be a tribal citizen (confusion she did not cause but was created but the white privileged reporters who blew this out of proportion without talking to any (or only one) Native American.

4. It strongly intimates that Elizabeth Warren used to DNA test to say she was a tribal citizen. This is the opposite of the truth (in other words a lie).  Elizabeth Warren was careful to say that she was in no way a tribal citizen but that she was proud of her heritage. Every Native American elder that HuffPost spoke too seemed to think this was a good thing.

5. There were no quotes from Elizabeth Warren to support the author’s contention about what Elizabeth Warren said. The reporter did not get a comment from either the chief or Elizabeth Warren on what was said on the phone call (or even if there was a phone call).

There is actually more in this short vicious article by why go on.  The New York Times should immediately apologize to Elizabeth Warren (they wont, they’ll probably ask her if she has any emails about her DNA test).

This was a hit piece pure and simple. There will be many more to come. If the New York Times has anything to say about it Trump should start measuring the drapes for his second term.

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