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A quick aside first. Sometimes, I find it almost hard to comprehend just how big of a schmuck Donald Trump is. Look at it. At 73 years old, Trump has at various times tried to subjugate Macron of France, Trudeau of Canada, and Zelinsky of the Ukraine, trying to cast them in the media as snot nosed kids, desperate for his approval and counsel. And yet, at some point or other, all 3 of them have pissed up Trump’s leg, and laughed about it in public.

And now, the House Democrats case managers are pissing up Trump’s leg in public too, but they’re far from laughing about it. Without calling a single witness, the Democrats are weaving a master tapestry, And that tapestry isn’t going to be a pretty picture for Trump.

Cast your mind back a bit. Before there was an impeachment vote in the House, the House Intelligence committee held a shit load of public hearings for testimony. They were well viewed, but they were long, sometimes confusing, and often contentious as GOP committee members tried to disrupt and distract. In fact, one of the GOP’s most frequent kvetches was that the Democrats evidence was all 2nd and 3rd hand, with no corroboration.

Are you sure that you don’t want to reconsider that position? Because if they’re paying attention at all to the trial, they are watching the Democrats demolish that contention quicker than a burned out slum. What the Democrats are doing is constructing an exquisitely detailed timeline of the entire Trump conspiracy, from start to finish. And they’re doing it by reciting the necessary facts into the record, and interjecting relevant documentation, as well as relevant testimony from the open hearings.

You see what’s happening here? Idjits like Collins, Nunes, and Jordan aren’t around anymore to try to muddy the waters. And the Democrats obviously put in the sweat equity to go back and find every relevant statement, and boy! Is it paying off!  As the Democrats narrate their story line, they’re putting various statements from different witnesses in the hearings, using them to corroborate the timeline. And not only that, now that there’s no background noise, they’re introducing testimony from a witness that only corroborates the testimony of a witness already played. And as they continue to weave this whole thing together, they are graphically showing that the only thing that is uncorroborated around here is Trump’IQ.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Trump’s lawyers try to deal with this. The Democrats are constructing a Sistine Chapel of political corruption, and there’s no way for Trump’s lawyers to get to the ceiling. So far, Trump’s defense seems to be to call the entire impeachment unconstitutional (false). calling the Democratic case managers liars (false), and personally insulted Nadler and Schiff (petty). But when you have one side providing an Ancestry DNA history of Trump’s second rate extortion, I’m not sure having a bunch of sleazy lawyers wearing shiny suits saying, Nuh-uh! Actually, he’s a German you idiots is going to go over with the straights. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. I’ve been watching and you’re right they’re doing a masterful job. Grumpfy’s lawyers are almost as bad as gym Jordan and crew, only these guys don’t yell as loud. They haven’t got a leg to stand on. They’ve only whined about the process and haven’t disputed the charges. What’s their TV name? Dowee , Screwum and How? What a law firm

  2. It anyone is getting distracted by the likes of Jordan, Nunes, the rest. I would seriously consider educating yourself. I get nothing from these freaks of nature but beyond Annoyed and Aggressive! Volume off when it’s their time to stay calm.

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