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South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in Des Moines, Iowa, speaking today to liberal advocacy group Progress Iowa Corn Feed about his “Hitting Home” project.  Buttigieg was elected Mayor of South Bend, Indiana in 2007, the year that Newsweek named South Bend as one of “ten dying cities in America.” Buttigieg is the youngest Mayor ever elected in a U.S. city of over 100,000 residents. He is also the first openly gay executive in the history of the State of Indiana. He has a lot to say. Politico:
Every day he is in office, Donald Trump yanks out threads from the very fabric of what it means to be an American. He says, “You don’t belong here,” and he pulls out a thread.  He says, “You can’t serve your country,” and he pulls out a thread. He says, “Your hatred is justified,” and he pulls out a thread. One thread at a time, he is unravelling our republic. And he’ll keep pulling until the American dream is a tangled mess of yarn in his hands.
What’s important is that Buttigieg is not here to complain. He has a solution and he speaks directly to Democrats, about what the party’s message is and should be:

Our party is never going to recapture the faith and imagination of the American people if all we have to offer is a litany of this president’s many sins.

Here’s our message: We support and protect people going about their everyday lives.

This has been Democratic bedrock ever since FDR saved the nation and the free world. Freedom. Freedom from want, freedom from fear is our guiding purpose. And that’s very different from what our Republican friends think. They use the word “freedom” all the time. But freedom from government is the only freedom they can imagine. […]
Conservative talk sounds good on TV but when you play it out in real life it stops making any sense. Which is why we need to get back to talking about real life again. One reason good things can happen at the local level is that there are no alternative facts when it comes to peoples’ everyday experiences. People know whether I’ve filled a hole in the road or picked up the trash. We need to bring that same clarity back to state and national politics. That’s why I’ve launched a new political project. It’s called “Hitting Home.” Our purpose is to move the center of gravity of American politics back to the kitchen table. Back to real lives that are shaped by policies, good and bad.

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