Every gun in this country is a tragedy waiting to happen…

ABC News

At least nine teenagers and juveniles have been injured after a gunfight broke out at a 12-year-old’s birthday party.


When authorities arrived they discovered that multiple people had been shot after an alleged verbal confrontation at a 12-year-old child’s birthday party somehow erupted into a gunfight.


Authorities believe that an estimated 60 young people were at the 12-year-old’s birthday party and that two groups of male juveniles who have an ongoing feud with each other began arguing at some point during the party which is what eventually led to the shootout.

Yet, in spite of all of the witnesses at the party, not a single person has given a formal statement of what they saw take place. No arrests have been made in connection with the shooting but officers have determined that two guns were fired in the altercation.

Guns… For when you’d rather “feel safe” than “be safe”.

Rhode Island Monthly

In times of great turmoil and change, gun sales spike. It’s particularly common around presidential elections. When Democrats are ascendant — as with Obama in 2008 — there is a sort of panic-buying in anticipation of the progressive nanny state coming to take everyone’s guns. But it happens when Republicans are elected too — perhaps to celebrate?

The pandemic put all previous gun rushes to shame; 2020 shattered the prior record for annual sales set in 2016. Nearly five million Americans purchased a firearm for the first time. And, this January, Americans purchased more guns than in any single month on record, says Ammoland Shooting Sports News. (Perhaps a violent insurrection against Congress live on national television makes folks a bit squirrely about safety.)

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  1. I am deeply worried about the country my grandchildren are going to grow up in. Our nation is tearing itself apart and a straight line can be drawn to fox news and the pathetic excuse for a political party known as the gop.
    Be kind to one another and charitable in all your interactions with your fellow citizens and non citizens alike.


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