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Our long wait for Obama to re-enter the scene is almost over.

On October 21st, he and the four other living Presidents will be hosting a One America Appeal fundraising concert in Dallas, Texas. The message will be unifying — which flies in the face of Trump’s divide and conquer strategy for America. It will also showcase the fact that Puerto Rico is in urgent need — despite what Trump and Fema are reporting. 

On October 31st, the Obama Foundation is holding its inaugural summit in Chicago to promote civic engagement. The lineup includes “civic leaders, artists, and business leaders in main stage sessions, and breakout sessions on a diverse range of topics“…and also the UK’s Prince Harry (a guy kind of known for attracting a lot of press attention).

Then, on an as of yet undetermined date in November, he is set to campaign with Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam in Richmond. That race will pit Obama directly against Trump — at a time Trump is still brooding over his chosen candidate, Luther Strange, losing in Alabama.

The only thing guiding Trump’s presidency is a desire to erase Obama and his legacy. 

All bets are off on how quickly he unravels once Obama re-enters the public space.

Get ready.

Correction! A date HAS been set for Obama to appear with Northam in Richmond…Next Thursday, October 19th. 

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