Things that Mueller agreed were True

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Robert Mueller, one of America’s verifiable national heroes, has just sworn to “tell the truth, the whole true, so help him God.”  And even though his affect was staid and reserved, his precision in “calling a fact, A Fact” — was anything but.

In a different era — one in which “Facts” (and Truth) actually mattered — anyone of these statements of fact would have been Headline News.  But sadly we live in the era of Trump, and our Headlines are written by the factless and lawless individual-one:  “Mueller was horrible!”  and “There still is No Obstruction and No Collusion.”

Republican Robert Mueller, our Special Counsel, said no such thing in his sworn testimony before Congress. No, he said this instead. He attested to many, many, disturbing FACTS — that the scofflaw in the White House, would rather we all pay no attention to, and just move on … onto whatever he deems to be “the Trump-Topic of the Day”.

But History will certainly dwell on Mueller’s Testimony someday — and so should we.  Take a few minutes to absorb the impact of these Mueller-certified Facts, despite the curse of Outrage Fatigue that Trump, the King of Lies, has bestowed upon the weary citizens of the nation:

The investigation found evidence that Russia wanted to help Trump win the election.

The Trump campaign welcomed the Russian help.

Knowingly accepting assistance from a foreign government is an unethical thing to do and a crime.

The Trump campaign officials built their messaging strategy around those stolen email documents — and then they lied to cover it up.

Multiple acts by the president exerted undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russian interference and obstruction investigations.

If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.  Based on the facts however, we are unable to reach that judgment.

I think there are probably a spectrum of witnesses in terms of those who are not telling the full truth and those who are outright liars, including Trump Administration and Campaign officials.

And those lies by Trump campaign officials and administration officials impeded the investigation of Russia interference.

A billion dollar deal to build a tower in Moscow are in fact business dealings.

I have been in this business for almost 25 years, and in those 25 years I have not had occasion once to ask somebody about their political affiliation. It is not done. What I care about is the capability of the individual to do the job and do the job quickly and seriously and with integrity.

The investigation is not a witch hunt.

Fact:  there was Russian interference in our Elections. It is not a hoax.

The president’s written answers were not only inadequate and incomplete because he didn’t answer many of the questions, but where he did, his answers show that he wasn’t always being truthful.

The president himself called on the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails. Numerous times during the campaign the president praised the releases of the Russian-hacked emails through WikiLeaks.

Fact: when someone acts unethically in connection with a foreign partner, that foreign partner can expose their wrongdoing and extort them.

The report also describes at least 10 separate instances of possible obstruction of justice that were investigated.

“The president’s pattern of conduct as a whole sheds light on the nature of the president’s acts and the inferences that can be drawn about his intent.” Does that mean you have to investigate all of his conduct to ascertain true motive?   Answer: No.

“Obstruction of justice can be motivated by a desire to protect non-criminal personal interests, to protect against investigations where underlying criminal liability falls into a gray area or to avoid personal embarrassment,” is that correct?  Answer: Yes.

Does obstruction of justice warrant a lot of time in jail if you were convicted?  Answer: Yes.

And then they lied to cover it up?   Answer: Generally, that’s true.

Some people fight their battle on war fields.

Some people fight their battles in the court rooms.

Some people fight their battles by setting agendas with the catchiest of headlines.

Some people will let History have the final word, in the ongoing battlefield to determine —  where the Facts (and the Truth) do indeed actually reside …  (rarely is that “somewhere in the Middle”).

— —

Here’s a parting message, on the ‘true character of a man’ …

Some people are carved from Stone. Some people rely on their lives of Privilege.
[Note: the Marine pictured in the photo is not Robert Mueller, but instead an apt representation of all Marines’ service to their country.]
In the Theater of the Absurd, the honest man should have the final word.

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Impeach trump
Impeach trump

The reality is that mueller played strictly by the “rules” and it totally screwed our country and has permitted liar trump to keep his criminal motivation in high gear….WHY? It is only getting worse now….great F’ing job

Dick Panico
Dick Panico
..,I was disappointed in Mueller’s testimony, because he stuck to his ethics code . But he should have realized..Trump has no code , but win any way he can . So he must be stopped any , way we can . Fair fight ? Not possible now , that Trump ( like the political tape worm he is ) drilled down in to the “latent racist “, beliefs of some people on America. …He’s exploited them to the ( nth) degree . Now we Americans , must get (down into the gutter) to stop this ,(political tape worm) from infecting… Read more »

McCabe said it perfectly Congress needs to step up, I say if they wont make sure they remember inaction has consequences at the ballots, dems and Republicans who condone or drag foot on their actual path must pay for it in disgrace. A soldier can’t run from battle, an officer cant refuse to arrest their own children when they commit a crime, a judge shouldn’t rule in favor of inhumane conduct based on racial bias.