They took on the GOP, the NRA, and Fox News—now these Parkland survivors may take on the Ivy League

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Congratulations are in order for two of the high school students turned shooting survivors turned activists, who have recently announced some pretty great accomplishments falling far outside of their tireless battles to engage the youth vote and eliminate gun violence. Jaclyn Corin and David Hogg both took to Twitter to share their big news.

First, it was four-year class president and key March for Our Lives organizer Corin who offered this joyful, open-ended message.

Not to be outdone, David Hogg, the camera-ready social media maestro, whose knee-jerk responses are more brilliant than folks twice his age, announced his own college acceptance Saturday.

Notably, Hogg made headlines and made Laura Ingraham’s life hell back in March, after she mocked his college rejections just six weeks after the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Then, after a highly successful boycott, he made her apologize.

It’s worth your time to read this in-depth insider journey through the birth of the March For Our Lives movement in this must-read piece from Vanity Fair. Their innocence stolen by a former classmate, these young people have united their individual strengths into an unstoppable force—fighting a war the adults should have ended decades ago.

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