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That’s why John Cornyn is resurrecting conspiracy theories from the fever swamps of the right-wing reactionary internet.

This Cornyn conspiracy theory was picked up two hours later by Donald Trump as well, who literally said female protesters were “paid for by Soros”.

They don’t have the votes, which is why they’ve put Brett Kavanaugh in a GOP nominee protection program to hide him from FBI agents who might ask inconvenient questions.

At this point, most Americans have seen enough. We recognize a country-club bully when we see him. We know that a guy who lies about how he and the boys slandered female friends behind their back isn’t trustworthy. We know that someone who laughed at younger/smaller kids being bullied by the football team and has never acknowledged it, doesn’t care about the weak. We know that someone credibly accused by several women of sexual assault cares only about himself and what he wants. We know, men and women alike, that this kind of person won’t look out for us.

Like all the other country-club goons he doesn’t care about the little people, we simply don’t matter. What matters is his daddy’s connections, what he can do for them, and what they can do for him.

The thing is, most of America is made up of little people who’re tired of not mattering. We see Kavanaugh for the bully he is. We saw it, clear as day, in his response to Senator Amy Klobuchar. We don’t want bullies on the Supreme Court. That’s why his approval rating is way underwater.

McConnell has schedule the cloture vote for today because if he hadn’t, there’d be another weekend story from Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer, more classmates interviewed, more op-eds from classmates who saw Kavanaugh black out, more time for FBI agents prevented from interviewing material witnesses to come forward.

They were rushing to a vote two weeks ago, and they’re rushing to a vote now. They know time isn’t on their side and neither is sunlight. They’re rushing to a vote because they know their chances only get worse with every passing hour. Even if they do get cloture today, they’re deathly afraid of a McCain style defection on the final vote tomorrow.

This panic is why Orrin Hatch is darting into elevators to hide behind security and yell at women to “grow up”. This is why all the old men in the Republcan party are yelling GET OFF MY LAWN and calling protesters asking they take sexual assault allegations seriously “a mob”. Most of us look at Hatch and his compatriots and what we see is a bunch of out of touch politicians with “medieval attitudes towards women”. That’s not me, that’s Hatch’s hometown newspaper the Salt Lake Tribune:

The despicable attack launched by Sen. Orrin Hatch and the Senate Judiciary Committee — more precisely, the Republicans on that committee — on one of the women who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault is a textbook example of why more victims do not come forward.

Worse, it betrays a positively medieval attitude toward all women as sex objects who cannot be believed or taken seriously. […]

What we now know for sure is that Hatch and others working for the Judiciary Committee have, without question, tried to slime one of Kavanaugh’s accusers in a way that is widely, and accurately, described as “slut-shaming.”

Except it is Hatch and his allies who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. —…

It’s too bad we don’t have a chance to beat Orrin Hatch at the polls. But we can do the next best thing. This is an extremely long shot, but Jenny Wilson is running in Utah for Hatch’s old senate seat. Show her some love, even if it’s just a twitter follow, she’s running against the guy who had “binders full of women”. Remember him?

— @subirgrewal

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