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Melania Trump was in Walter Reed Hospital for about a week for a procedure that takes about 45 to 90 minutes on an awake patient, the cauterization of a vein on a kidney to prevent an embolism or aneurism. Normally, if a patient remains in the hospital at all following this procedure, it would be for a night, not for an entire week. So what gives? New York Times:

At this point in Mrs. Trump’s recovery, specialists say it is hard to know why she would remain in the hospital for the better part of a week. It is possible that a patient could stay longer after an embolization procedure if there were underlying medical conditions, or if an infection, pain or discomfort developed afterward, Dr. Joseph A. Vassalotti, the chief medical officer at the National Kidney Foundation, said in an interview.

“I would say that I hope that when she is ready she’ll come out and tell the American public about what condition she has and what happened,” Dr. Vassalotti said.

Given Mrs. Trump’s desire to keep her private life private, that is probably unlikely. The first lady’s team kept her procedure, and details about when she actually entered Walter Reed, under lockdown. White House aides who were near Mrs. Trump wore blue scrubs in the hours immediately after the procedure, according to a person who saw several of the first lady’s aides at Walter Reed.

Additionally, Melania aka “Melanie” in Trump’s mis-spelled welcome home tweet didn’t in fact go “home” she went to her parents’ house in Maryland. On these facts, there’s only one of two plausible explanations. One, that something more sinister compelled the hospital stay. If Melania wants to stay silent about that, I suppose it can be argued that that is her right. It seems self-defeating to characterize pneumonia as the sniffles, as an example, but that’s just a personal opinion. Two, Melania is fine but will use any and every excuse to spend time away from Donald. Can’t say as I blame her for that. It still argues that something more intense was going on, or else why a week in the hospital and then an obvious convalescence with parents? Having had incidents which required a week in a hospital and then convalescence at home, I can tell you that doesn’t happen unless it’s something big. In my case, the first time I needed a massive transfusion I was in the hospital for five days and then flat on my back for another week.  A 45 minute procedure doesn’t merit this level of over coddling, even for the super-rich. Something else is going on.

The bit about everybody wearing scrubs is bizarre, unless Melania has taken a cue from Donald and decided that everyone and everything is germ laden. The Trumps make the Addams family seem normal.

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