There May Be Tapes

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In the middle of Isaac Chotiner’s interview with Rudy Giuliani in the New Yorker tonight about the Trump Tower in Moscow and whether Trump had gotten Cohen to lie about it, there’s this remarkable passage:

But I can tell you, from the moment I read the story, I knew the story was false.


Because I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the e-mails, and I knew none existed. And then, basically, when the special counsel said that, just in case there are any others I might not know about, they probably went through others and found the same thing.

Wait, what tapes have you gone through?

I shouldn’t have said tapes. They alleged there were texts and e-mails that corroborated that Cohen was saying the President told him to lie. There were no texts, there were no e-mails, and the President never told him to lie.

So, there were no tapes you listened to, though?

No tapes. Well, I have listened to tapes, but none of them concern this.

So, there are tapes.

Today none of them concern Trump talking to Cohen and telling him to lie, but in a day or two, who knows?

Keep talking, Rudy, until the whole truth comes out!

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