The buck stops with Trump but there is something bigger and scarier than Trump stole documents. There was IMO a deep  evil effort which may have gone on for years to destroy this country.  I am not referring to deep state either.   ( That is stupid right wing talking points).   I am referring to a treasonous bunch who cohorted this whole espionage gathering to take America down.

I want to know who packed the docs.  I want to know who gave Trump the docs to be examined and held and unsecured.    Trump does not read I hear nor comprehends so who or what entity is behind the boxes of classified info at Maralago?  Do you remember when it was reported that he was not interested in the intel briefings?  Do you remember when he questioned why the US couldn’t use nukes?     He really thought we had nukes to use at our will.  The man is a moron.  He couldn’t even find the light switches when moving into the White House.   He is guilty IMO of almost anything but to put together this kind of breach took some brains and physical  maneuvering which we know he is lazy as crap.   Was it Putin?  Iran?  Kim?  Who was talking to these people through backchannels including Trump but not Trump alone.  I am real concerned of what the DOJ really knows about this situation .  We all should be.  Trump cares about his ego and money and that is it.  Trump does want to destroy the country and was all in but I cannot convince myself, he acted alone.

There is something very sinister about those documents ending up at Maralago.   I mean, his cohorts like Miller, Bannon,  Stone , Flynn,  Manafort and God knows who else put the dollar signs in his eyes and ears and someone came up with the idea how he could make a buck by selling out this country’s secrets.  He is not smart enough to even understand what was in those docs in my opinion.  I am quite sure the DOJ knows things right now that would terrify us more than we are.  Trump is a mobster and a traitor but too stupid to understand secrets of a government .  Jared is not stupid.  Flynn is not stupid.  I believe Flynn is in deep with this stuff.  Trump would sell his minor son for a buck and how many republicans know about this group and standing behind Trump afraid to cross him.  This is just my opinion.   Trump got caught with his hand in the cookie jar but there are other hands in that same jar.

I trust the FBI to look into every nook and cranny to seek out who else is involved.  We know very little about how bad this is, IMO.

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