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There’s all kinds of ways to resist Donald Trump. One of the most creative is being done by a coven of online witches who have come together on each waning moon since the inauguration to cast an anti-Trump spell. Vox:

They’ve come together each month since Trump’s inauguration with one goal: to perform a spell — equal parts quasi-religious ritual and activist performance — to “bind” the president, forming a collective known as the #MagicResistance.

The spell, a variant on a traditional “binding” spell found in many contemporary neo-pagan and other occult practices, involves channeling energy to limit Trump’s power, “so that he may fail utterly/that he may do no harm.” (Practitioners have

the option to add, “You’re fired.”)

Maybe it’s working, because failing utterly is what Trump is doing.

Like many practitioners of the spell, Doucette was interested in the occult before. She’d signed up for classes at the online School of Witchery, but never cast a spell before she saw fellow interested witches post about the binding spell online. Yet the idea of joining an inclusive, welcoming community — and doing something to address her fear and anger in the wake of the election — motivated her to transform interest into practice. “I like the occult and I like activism,” she said. The #MagicResistance offered her a chance to do both.

We support candidates and causes, they cast spells. To each her own.

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