Now there are … (wait for it) … Trump Emails …

New emails reveal a Trump White House gone mad

CNN — June 15, 2021


The emails themselves look like the stuff that normally gets routed to your spam folder: wild conspiracy theories about election fraud, absurd suggestions on strategy to overturn the already-completed and certified election, desperate entreaties from unhinged fantasists dreaming of flipping the election’s outcome. But these were not junk emails from some trolls — they were sent from the top echelons of power in the White House to the Justice Department, in a genuine effort to overturn an American election.


The newly-disclosed emails from then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and other officials to top Justice Department brass reveal yet another dangerous abuse of power to benefit Trump. This time, Trump’s advisers, in a desperate quest to lend institutional heft to their manic ravings about election fraud, tried to enlist perhaps the most powerful ally of all: the Justice Department.   
    Thankfully, the Justice Department declined to act upon the ravings of Trump’s advisers, to the credit of then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen (who had taken over after Barr’s departure in December 2020) and other top brass.
    The emailed reactions of officials within the department appropriately reflect a sense of incredulity and dismay at the efforts of Trump’s staffers to get them on board with trying to overturn a democratic election. In one internal Justice Department email, Rosen asks “Can you believe this?” and in another, a top department adviser characterized the White House’s outreach as “pure insanity.”  

    Just add it to the ever increasing Iist … WHY the former “Instigator-in-Chief” …

    needs to be prosecuted.

    Like yesterday.

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    “What about his Emails ????”

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