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A couple of days ago it came on me to write an article that I felt was relevant to our times. The thing is I am part Indian. I never actually try to use this for anything, but every now and then I get these feelings that I guess you could call visions. I am not going to get all hocus pocus. It’s just something that happens. And it happened the other day. I wrote an article about us old-timers and young people. You see, I was a progressive even before it had a name!!

The whole story is I grew up in a small community and I grew up to love raising a garden. My grandfather taught me a lot. He was a wild one back in the day. But he was a good man.  Anyway, he taught me to raise vegetables. There was organic gardening but I hadn’t discovered it. I just learned gardening from him. Later after he passed away I discovered some old Organic Gardening magazines. I sure wish I knew what happened to those.

Anyway to get back to the point I would like to make. At first, I thought I knew something. My grandfather taught me I wasn’t as smart as I thought. He took the time to show me. I learned a lot from that old man. A lot was because I didn’t realize he was teaching me.

The lesson I want you the reader to take away is that you never know what you will learn and who you will learn it from. Now I have in my life learned from old people, and I have learned from young people. I truly like learning from young people. They seem to have unique views on different subjects. I did learn that in politics you can learn a lot from older politicians.

Now to get back to my story. The crazy part.

When I got up this morning, I was getting prepared for surgery. I picked up my iPad and started scrolling through the news. I came across an article that just blew my mind, which doesn’t take much anymore after four years of Donald Trump. A flea farting could do it.

The article was, “Young and progressive voters aren’t just settling for Biden; they’re going all in“.  It is about a very talented young man named Sam Weinberg,19, founder and executive director of the Settle for Biden Organization. I believe this young man will go far. He realizes that there are a lot of voters that are turned off by Trump and Biden. But he also realizes that you have to start somewhere. Joe Biden is at least willing to listen.

You are not going to get far backing a candidate that’s not even on the ticket. It just ain’t gonna work. But this guy is willing to go do the work and start a movement. You will hear more from this young man! He has started an organization that will join the young voters and put them behind Biden. And not just for this election. He’s working on bringing all of the disenfranchised voters together. He has been in contact with different organizations that can put his message out there for more people to see it.

Biden has proven he really wants to work with progressives. He has brought Bernie Sanders into the fold and he’s working with the “squad” and that’s something. AOC has even endorsed Joe Biden. I truly believe that young Sam Weinberg will bring change. He already has a leg up on the rest of the game. He has formed his group on Instagram. We need people like this. They will make this all work. And in the process, it will be just like my old grandpa. The young will teach the old and the old will teach the young. You are never too old or too young to learn.

What I want to emphasize here is that together we can become a truly progressive nation. And isn’t that the whole point? I learned to raise a garden and in the process, I learned about listening to others. Later on, I learned what I know about politics from real politicians. And the one thing that’s different about me and Donald Trump. I learned to listen to people around me. I have learned to listen to scientists. They have degrees and I don’t. And I learned to listen to politicians. They make a living at it I don’t. Now what I also learned was to take what I hear and use what works for me and to discard the rest.

Just a morning before surgery where you come across a young man that has the potential to change the world. Was it fate? Or was the old Indian showing me a sign? I sometimes ponder that. What I do know is it’s time for a change in this country. And it’s time to quit sitting on our hands hoping someone else will step up. It’s our turn to step up. And if you look around you will see the old Indian. He’s in the article I wrote.  Change your life. Become a doer. It’s not that hard. Hell, all you have to do is talk to a friend. Write a comment on an article you like. It’s all good. Just do something!!

If we all just do something the bastards won’t win. And that’s truly the whole point, isn’t it?

Young and progressive voters aren’t just ‘settling for Biden’ anymore; they’re going all in.
USA Today


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