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Individual One has a problem, he cannot keep his mouth shut, and loves to proclaim his innocence, and dictate policy via Twitter. Watching his Twitter feed is like watching a train wreck. You know you should not look, but you have to see the horror with your own eyes. Over the last year (between January 1, 2018, and December 25, 2018) he has tweeted 3,468 times. More often than not sending out the lies, half-truths and delusions to the masses. I sometimes wonder if he tweets just to reinforce the lies he tells himself.

With 3,468 tweets out there, I decided to narrow it down a bit—so I am sticking to his Twitter tirades about being the victim of a witch hunt, of which there are a more manageable 137 tweets (I am not embedding the ones with spelling errors which were deleted and replaced after he edited them, so there are not 137 in the list below). On average,  he tweeted approximately 11 times a month about the witch hunt into his administration.

Most of the witch hunt tweets are just him grasping at straws. Much like a drunk man at a sobriety check point proclaiming to the arresting officer that he only had one beer. Others give us some insight into his limited thought process, and where he gets his information. It is clear he is not relying on presidential briefings, but on far-right talking heads spouting off conspiracy theories under the guise of opinions, and editorial commentary.

While going through the “witch hunt” tweets I found that it was like watching a person descend into madness. I would also say that if I were a prosecutor Trump’s tweets are a gold mine. Just reading the “witch hunt” tweets show a pattern of obstruction of justice.

In the list of tweets below, I am keeping my commentary to a minimum—it is best that he just incriminate himself.

Wait a minute, just five days ago it was a $10,000,000 witch hunt—could he just be making things up?

Just a few months ago, it was $10,000,000.

If you want to look at the Trump Twitter archive, and search for key words, you can find it here.

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