“The worst, most dangerous president in modern history.”

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The words in the headline end the third paragraph in the Los Angeles Times editorial which took up the entire left half of the first page of their Opinion section this morning.  The editorial, entitled “Beating Trump: Undoing the Great Mistake of 2016” is the first of a series that will continue all week in the paper.

If anything in that editorial was unquestioningly the truth, it is this paragraph:

The country is in the hands of a president for whom everything is transactional, for whom anything and anyone can be bought and sold. Lies, threats and empty promises are his weapons of choice; enemies are mocked and belittled while the dumbly obedient are rewarded. Ignorant and incurious, unmoved by reasoned argument, contemptuous of laws and institutions, Trump is in thrall to exactly the special interests you would expect, he is schooled at the university of Fox News, he is on a constant search for adulation and short-term advantage. He must be defeated in November 2020.

The editorial is available, free access, at the Times website.  It also contains a link to their 2017 series “Our Dishonest President” which also is well worth reading.

Note:  Although they have not put the rest of the installments in print yet (presumably those will appear Monday through Saturday of this week), the Times editorial board has already put them on the website and links to each appear at the bottom of the linked article above and below each installment as well.

The Times has one thing 100% correct in this opening editorial:  Now is no time to watch from the sidelines.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

You’ll never see anything like this in the NYT.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Let’s get one thing straight right now, there’s not one damn thing about Donald Trump being dangerous. All this does is feed his ego. In a real world he would get his ass kicked everyday. A bully relies on people being afraid of them. I refuse to give him that satisfaction.

Mick owens
Mick owens

His ignorance is dangerous, ask the Kurds in Syria

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

…The real danger here is Trump think’s he’s
been elected as a king , with unlimited power .
..He’s not (well learned ),enough to read the constitution in a “comprehensive “manner .
…Everything he does is ether, hearsay or anecdotal . He’s not a suitable person to be President
…,Which means of the last person to (hold his ear) , is the one he listened .
..And because he’s a (rich man) , doesn’t
mean he’s has an intellectual mind .
..Because he’s proven to be an ignorant bully!