Republican members of Congress aren’t the only ones hiding out from the media and constituents. Donald Trump is so incapable of answering even the most basic questions about health care and foreign policy, not to mention his own accusations of illegal wiretapping, that his handlers have closed off his events to the press this week. From CNN:

President Donald Trump has canceled multiple open press events this week, opting not to let reporters into the room to ask questions.

The moves have allowed the president to avoid questions about a litany of issues, including the Wikileaks CIA dump and Trump’s accusation — made without evidence — that former President Obama had wiretapped him in Trump Tower.

Their excuse for not allowing the press was as weak as this president:

White House deputy press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the cancellations “were game time decisions” made by her.

“I determined the rooms were too full to accommodate press and equipment,” she told CNNMoney. “I’m sure many of your colleagues could attest to this AM’s spray and how packed the room was.”

And if you believe that, Trump has some ocean property in Arizona to sell you. Maybe they could, I don’t know, find a bigger room? Ask the other living presidents how they managed to do such things with the Free Press present? Sounds as if his staff thinks they can hide him away, send out a barrage of press releases of Dear Leaders great work and then prop him back up and change the subject with a Donald Trump 2020 campaign rally in Tennessee next week. 

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked twice about the Nashville event at a Thursday briefing with media but declined to discuss details, instead directing questions to the campaign.

It’s noteworthy that Trump’s only appearances outside of D.C. have been in Florida, South Carolina and now Tennessee. President Coward is afraid to go north of that Mason-Dixon line where he is sure to get a proper welcome from the resistance. If Trump and the Paul Ryan Republicans succeed in taking away health care from the millions of Trump voters in the South, as they intend to do, there won’t be many places left for him to tap into those adoring Southern crowds. Bless his heart.

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