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Trump under fire over epic Friday news dump

Both GOP senators from Arizona criticized his Joe Arpaio pardon, and Chuck Schumer accused Trump of using Hurricane Harvey as a shield.

SCATHING words from USAToday’s Arizona paper: Donald Trump just resurrected Joe Arpaio from irrelevance

The pardon was a sign of pure contempt for every American who believes in justice, human dignity and the rule of law.

This isn’t about one group of people. It’s about all Americans.

Arpaio was a lawman who scorned his duty to treat all people equally. He made it law enforcement policy to profile people based on their heritage.

By pardoning Arpaio, Trump made it clear that institutional racism is not just OK with him. It is a goal.

That should trouble every American who believes that our duty as a nation is to continue working on behalf of equal justice.

House Speaker Paul Ryan Criticizes Donald Trump’s Pardon for Joe Arpaio

Dem senator: Arpaio pardon violates Trump’s oath of office

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on Saturday called President Trump’s pardon of controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio a violation of the president’s oath of office.

“The Arpaio pardon says, if you are a law-enforcement official who supports Trump, break the law & he’ll protect you,” Wyden wrote in a tweet.

“This strikes at the heart of rule of law in America. It violates his oath of office,” he added.

Even Tillerson is like “just ignore Trump.  He is crazy and wrong” (well, not in those words, but the message was clear.

McCain: ‘Step in the wrong direction’ to force transgender people out of military

Trump Cabinet member’s daughter rips transgender ban

“This man is a disgrace. I’ve tried to keep politics out of my social media feed as much as possible, but this is inexcusable,” read her post on July 26, which still appeared online on Saturday.

“This veteran says sit down and shut the f–k up, you know-nothing, never-served piece of s–t,” she added.

and this BLISTERING article from Peter Wehner who served in the last three Republican administrations and was a senior adviser to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. Behold Our ‘Child King’

The political problem facing Republicans is that Mr. Trump’s presidency is a wreck. His agenda is dead in the water. A special counsel is overseeing an investigation of his campaign. The West Wing is dysfunctional. And President Trump is deeply unpopular with most Americans.

They need to accept, finally, the reality — evident from the moment he declared his candidacy — that Mr. Trump is unfit to govern. He will prove unable to salvage his presidency. As the failures pile up, he’ll act in an even more erratic fashion.

The mental hurdle Republicans have to clear is that in important respects the interests of the Republican Party and those of Donald Trump no longer align. The party has to highlight ways in which it can separate itself from the president.

A confrontation is inevitable. The alternative is to continue to further tie the fate and the reputation of the Republican Party to a president who seems destined for epic failure and whose words stir the hearts of white supremacists.

We are well past the point where equivocations are defensible, and we’re nearly past the point where a moral reconstitution is possible. The damage Mr. Trump has inflicted on the Republican Party is already enormous. If the party doesn’t make a clean break with him, it will be generational.


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