The weird are turning pro: people and truth are inconvenient to Trump’s staying in power

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Billions and billions of odds and dollars are being wasted or stolen because Trump thinks he can BS his way to re-election and set up federal paramilitary forces as ‘protection squads’.

A new study finds that Fox News peddled misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic 253 times in only five days. The documented instances included claims which undermined science and faith in experts, as well as demands that schools and businesses reopen at the risk of public health.

Primetime host Laura Ingraham, who has no medical or scientific background whatsoever, led the pack with about a quarter of the claims — 63 total, or just more than 12 per show. Additionally, the network’s “straight news” programs contributed about 35% of the misinformation.…

King Karen:

While working-class NYers are reeling from the pandemic, NY’s 118 billionaires increased wealth $77B from March to June!

Funny how that non-inflationary space resembles the billionaires’ profits during COVID.

And in Russia:


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chris whitley
chris whitley
He really has no idea what Biden is running on. Even more pitiful is he has no plan to put out for his own next 4 years. Hell he has no plan for next week except terrorize the American public. He should be arrested for his role in ordering the moron police presence in Portland. Who the hell does this clown think he is. Look alive republicans and start cleaning out your desks. Your moron leader just sealed your fate. You will be unemployed in January. Don’t even bother running for office. Just pocket your war chest and retire to… Read more »