The War Between The States

Here’s a sentence you’ve never heard before, Hand me that piano.   George Carlin

OK kiddies, make sure that the safety bait is snug across your waist, and make sure you keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times. Because ready or not, the train is leaving the station, it’s gonna be a helluva ride, and nobody knows when was the last time this thing had a safety check.

We are about to enter a brand new phase of the coronavirus pandemic, and unlike most of them, I honestly believe that this one will be possible to time on the calendar. This stage, which may well set the national mood for the rest of the year, and bring about incredible internal strife will be measured between two national holidays, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Right now you have 50 different states, all in various stages of reopening their states and economies, all at varying speeds, and all following widely divergent rules and schedules to control the reopening. This is because Emperor Gluteus Maximus has no time for shit like this, since he’s busy screaming at his press secretary about that photo of him wearing a mask leaking out.

Basically the way it goes is, you have one bunch of Governors, mostly in deep red states, who are basically throwing open every window in the house, like it was the first 70 degree day of spring, but ignoring the fact that it’s raining like hell and windy outside, and all the furniture is getting soaked. And then you have a bunch of states, mostly blue, with Governors who are running down the street next to the bike, and they’re not gonna let go of the goddamn seat and handlebars until they’re sure that the kid isn’t going to take a spill and crack his skull.

The problem with all of this disparity is that these stay-at-home-orders and shelter-in-place rules were a one off. They were issued in a time of sudden, imminent crisis, and responded to for the same reasons. But now, the moronic proclamations of El Pendejo Presidente notwithstanding, by taking those first steps to reopen, whether baby steps or a full gallop, the governors themselves are tacitly implying that the crisis period has passed. And with that understanding, regardless of what happens, you are never going to get everybody locked down for weeks or months again.

Here’s where my calendar calculation comes in. Remember the simple math of the spread of this pandemic. From the date of infection, there is an 8-14 day gestation period before the first symptoms become apparent. After that, there is another 6-12 day lag in general before the symptoms deteriorate to the point where the patient goes to the hospital to be tested. If a person is infected over the Memorial Day weekend, this means that there is a 14-26 day lag before that infection will show up in hospitals, and on graphs and charts. And by my crude reckoning, that’s the second to third week in June. So, by the time we get to Independence Day, we’re going to have a pretty good idea of just how successful this crazed early reopening in states like Texas, Georgia, and Florida, where governors threw open the doors on days when the states reported their worst single day infection rate increase on record has gone.

Here’s a little known fact, at least to me until today. Let’s say you want to go to Hawaii on vacation. There are three basic ways to get there, fly, cruise, or swim. But when you get there, whether you walk off of a jet way, stroll down a gangplank, or crawl up on a beach, the first thing you’re doing is getting hauled into quarantine for 14 days. So, if you have a two week vacation, y’all ain’t seeing anything but 4 walls while your food is shoved under a door fool. I mention this simply to show that it is an option Governors have available to them, and at least one sitting US Governor is doing it.

The governors of popular tourist destinations like New York, the Jersey shore, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle have fought like tigers to get this right the first time. California and Nevada became the first two states with statewide shelter-in-place orders, and we’ve been under them the longest. Here in Nevada, we’re only in the first full week of phase one, small restaurants with dine in capped at 25
% capacity, and general stores opening with increased sanitation and social distancing restrictions. So are most of the other blue states, and for good reason,. We fought too hard, and the citizens sacrificed too much to screw it up now.

Teri just caught a flash tonight that Nevada may start to reopen some local casinos on the 4th of June or shortly thereafter. I’m not on Governor Steve Sisolak’s cabinet, nor do I know anybody who is, but my guess is that this will be a petri dish experiment, meant solely for Nevada residents, to see hot it goes. And if everything stays jake, then the main Strip casinos can start reopening a week or two later.

Let’s just say that it’s the 25th of June, and the Vegas Strip is once again open for business. The coronavirus case numbers from states like Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia are off the charts, thanks to their empty headed submission to Hair Twitler. Now, somebody give me one good reason why Governor Sisolak shouldn’t sign an executive order mandating that anyone with an official ID from one of those states, or arriving on an airplane from any city in one of those states shouldn’t be subject to an immediate 14 day quarantine?

And why should New York? Or Los Angeles, or San Francisco? Or Portland or Seattle? Those governors made hard choices, and asked their constituents to make hard sacrifices, and now they are all being rewarded one small step at a time on their return to normalcy. Why would they throw it all away on account of a bunch or MAGA topped morons with no more brains than God gave a pissant? And why would their constituents allow or tolerate it?

This is the ball game folks, the six weeks between Memorial Day and Independence Day. If we get to the third week of June, and the states that carefully slow walked their re-openings are continuing to reap the benefits of their caution, there is going to start to be a growing public outcry from constituents for public officials to save them from the horde of slobbering Trombies who thought the whole thing was just one big joke. And why wouldn’t they? I know that I’d be screaming my ass off.

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They are doing something similar in Australia, Sydney to be exact, and I share the same concerns as the author, this is way too soon to be flinging the doors open regardless of how bord with the shutdown people have become and I make the point that although we have been in quarantine the virus has not, and another point there are still asymptomatic subjects roaming the streets that have no idea at all if they are infected. In Australia, New South Wales and Victoria to be precise have the most cases with NSW leading the charge to reopen in… Read more »