The voting system HAS been tampered with.

The article linked below details how a group of MAGA insiders traveled the country and successfully (and illegally) copied the hard drives for the voting system in Georgia… and how the GOP in Georgia is covering it up. They or the hackers they might employ either here or in countries like Russia could now be finding vulnerabilities and planning for hacks of the 2022 and 2024 elections.

Text messages reveal a secret mission from a local GOP county chair—and fake elector for Donald Trump—to examine an elections computer

Chaney, the elections board member, received word that the county GOP chair was on the phone with an Atlanta businessman who wanted access to the voting system computers there.

The next morning, the operation was underway. Text messages show that a group of five people traveled south from Atlanta to the government elections offices in Douglas.

The operation continued for hours. At 3:48 p.m., Hampton updated the GOP chair.

“Going great so far,” she texted Latham.

Coffee County has deleted all emails of their election officials from that period, and improperly gave Secretary Raffensperger’s office all of their 2020 electronic election records, wiping the county clean of evidence of what occurred.

The concern now, cybersecurity experts said, is that conspiracy-driven vigilantes now have unfettered access to a copy of Georgia’s voting software.

The obvious worry is that these teams might find vulnerabilities and share them with hackers who can actually exploit them… their sloppy computer work will itself plant evidence of tampering that fuels the Big Lie

when they do these copies they leave—as they did in Mesa County—evidence that this computer has been tampered with,” said Hursti, the Finnish computer programmer. “So now there is a claim this server was tampered with when it was actually the Stop the Steal people!”

So Trump is right. The Georgia voting system was hacked… by HIS goon squad. Just another jail term that should already be tacked on to several life sentences at this point.

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