The Viking Funeral


If you’ve ever watched one of those old Viking movies from days of yore, when a Viking warrior dies, they put him and all of his stuff into a boat, dump flammables all over it, back away, and set fire to it. But I’ve never seem a Viking funeral movie where the captain and crew loaded all of their shit onto a boat, pulled away from the dock, threw a bunch of Molotov cocktails at each other, and lit a match. But that’s today’s Republican party for you.

I wrote last night that Gordon Sondland had one hope and prayer today, and that was to show up with a shovel and use it to bury Trump. Sweet Jesus, I didn’t say that he should show up with a steam shovel and excavate a mass grave. The body count so far is Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, Volker, Perry, and Bolton. People like Michael Cohen and the media have had fun comparing Trump to a third rate Godfather, and today is justifying the comparison. Because every time a mobster turns and start making like a canary, he doesn’t just turn on the Godfather, he turns on everybody he’s ever met. At this point, I’m just glad that never met Gordon Sondland.

For the GOP, this is the worst hearing testimony scheduling in history. Yesterday afternoon, we were treated to the spectacle of a couple of sniveling, politically savvy bureaucrats, sniveling, delaying, obfuscating, and pulling every rabbit out of their hat to cover their respective asses when confronted with uncomfortable questions. It was a stark difference from the dedicated public servants that had come before.

Gordon Sondland is killing Trump and the GOP, and he’s doing it with the truth as far as I can tell. It’s a funny thing about the truth, it doesn’t require buttressing, it stands on its own two feet. With or without his lawyer, Gordon Sondland has had his come-to-Jesus moment, and he’s letting it all hang out. If you have the TV on, watch Sondland’s face and body language. No matter what question he’s asked, there is no hesitation in his answer. Not only that, there is no hemming and hawing, no eyes rolling up to the ceiling or from side to side in thought, no “umms” and “ahhs” while he thinks and considers a calculated reply. He is immediately answering the questions, with no equivocation, and he’s even throwing out the occasional quip. And he’s really pissing the GOP off. And in his testimony, he also reinforced Michael Cohen’s previous congressional testimony by repeating how Trump couches his “orders” as requests in typical mob lingo.

When confronted by the GOP staff legal beagle about his lack of memory, he slaps back with the fact that if he had access to all of the notes and other documents he had turned over to the State Department, his memory may be better, a pointed reference to Trump’s obstruction. The moment that has stuck out the most for me so far was when Sondland was asked about being part of an “irregular channel,” and Sondland was irritated when he replied “I don’t know how you can call it an ‘irregular’ channel when you’re in contact with the President, the Secretary of State, the Chief of Staff, the National Security Adviser, and the Secretary of Energy.” That has the ring of truth to it, if you’re Gordon Sondland, and you’re in communications on a regular basis with the entire power structure of the administration, why wouldn’t you think that your efforts are fully authorized?

But it isn’t just Sondland, Devin Nunes brought a flamethrower on the boat, and he fired it up. “Midnight Run” Nunes spoke so earnestly about Sondland and Mulvaney being involved in a “drug deal” that Sondland actually expressed dismay that anybody would think he was involved in illegal narcotics, until Schiff finally reminded everyone that the expression actually originated with John Bolton, and was sarcastic and rhetorical, and that nobody actually thought that they were buying high grade Peruvian flake. Even worse, Nunes spent the majority of his questioning time like a 2nd grade tin flute recital, spouting off every debunked conspiracy theory about the Democrats conspiring with the Ukrainians in 2016 that he could dredge out of his feeble mind.

Dear God, the committee members haven’t even started questioning Sondland yet, and already it is clear that the House GOP is going to do everything in its power to make life impossible for the GOP Senate. It’s obvious that the GOP House members are going to hammer home these insane conspiracy theories purely and solely for the FUX News base. Sondland’s answers are too quick and sure, and the more that the GOP members hammer him on his more inflammatory and damaging revelations, the more he will simply repeat his previous statements, highlighting the entrenched channels that were demanding Ukrainian concessions for the release of the military aid money.

Here is why this is so damaging for Trump, but especially for the Senate GOP caucus. For more than a week, Gordon Sondland’s sudden revision of his closed door deposition testimony, much more damaging to Trump, has been blanket covered by the media. The sudden revelation of the July 26th phone call from Kiev put Sondland in even more legal jeopardy, and highlighted the prospect of his testimony today. I wouldn’t be surprised if today’s televised testimony has more viewership than any other hearing with the possible exception of Marie Yovanovitch. And now Sondland has buried Trump and the rest of the cabal in the ant hill up to their necks, and the GOP House idjits are going to spend hours personally pouring honey over their heads, by having Gordon Sondland repeat the same damning testimony over ad over again. I can hardly wait.

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Sondland said Pence was in the loop too.