There is something afoot that may show that not only Trump, but the entire GOP caucus underneath may be in mortal peril. And it’s something that I didn’t expect, but that, upon calm reflection, really doesn’t surprise me.

I had previously written that a number of the GOP sycophant Governors that had enabled Trump’s feeble attempt to reopen the economy in the middle of a raging pandemic were not up for reelection in 2020, but that based on scientific estimates, would not escape culpability for their actions in 2022, when they were back on the ballot.

But it is starting to appear that it may not take that long. The sins of the father may be coming due right now, even if not for the miscreants themselves. GOP Governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida, Brian Kemp in Georgia, Greg Abbott in Texas, and Doug Ducey are not on the ballot this year,. And as a result, they are hoping that a miracle cure of vaccine comes to light in the next few months that would allow them to have the coronavirus pandemic safely in the rear view mirror by the time they have to have the voters again.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was elected to office in 2016, and she’s on the ballot this year. And according to reporting from MSNBC tonight, her pathetic performance in handling the coronavirus is not only placing her own status in peril. but it is also creating a tremendous drag on the downline GOP candidates on the ballot. Which raises a tantalizing possibility.

The latest state poll on shows the Democratic challenger Fred Hubbel at +7 over Reynolds. But it’s not just about Reynolds, Her pathetic handling of the coronavirus is not only dragging down her own political fortunes, but it’s also dragging down the chances of downline Iowa GOP candidates, most notably incumbent GP Senator Joni Ernst, who is trailing her Democratic challenger.

Let’s just take a moment here to extrapolate out here, shall we. DeSantis, Kemp, Abbott, and Ducey may not be on the ballot this year. But if their constituents are as pissed as hell at their performance in terms of handling the coronavirus, where can their anger flow? Where else? To the rest of the ballot.

DeSantis, Kemp, Abbott and Ducey may not be on the ballot, but their response to the coronavirus will be. And where does their anger flow? Where else but up and down ballot? Why else would the GOP have already given up on the hope of carrying Arizona in 2020, and Biden is in the margin of error in both Texas and Georgia, and polling showing Biden leading in Florida.

And that just happens to include a Senate seat that the GOP has already given up on in Arizona, and two seats in Georgia that are both in the margin of error, but leaning Democratic. if the people of those states decide to take out their anger on the governor of those states, that will inevitably slop over to the rest or the ticket.

Which is why Biden is within the margin of error in Texas and Georgia, and leading in Arizona and Florida. And why Martha McSally, Jon Cornyn, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are having sleepless nights.

I wrote previously that the GOP Governors up for reelection in 2022 would not be able to outrun the ravages of the coronavirus that they had unleashed on their states. But I never thought that their sins would possibly come back to bite them in the ass in 2020. Man! Talk about a twofer! 11 days to go. GOTV!

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  1. After the iceberg hit the Titanic, there were a few crew that kept telling Capt. Smith all’s well, good job and stay the course…. REEPUBLICANTS !!

  2. This is what happens when deals are made with the devil????. They ALL deserve sleeplessness and the terrible feelings both physically/psychologically that come with it. With Biden/Harris we’ll all FINALLY get to sleep comfortably and deserve to.


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