The Ultimate Test Of Loyalty


It had to come to this. If you’ve been paying attention to the events of the last 18 months, the purging of independent thought and structural, constitutional obedience in the intelligence community, you could see this coming a mile off. Well, you can put down the binoculars down now, we’re there.

The New York Times blew the lid off of the congressional pressure cooker today with the news that last week, the Acting Director of Intelligence had given the House Intelligence Committee a classified briefing. In that briefing, the committee was told that the intelligence community had proof that the Russian government was already attempting to interfere in the results of the 2020 election to benefit the reelection chances of Donald Trump. Not only were they interfering there, but they were attempting to interfere in the 2020 Democratic primary process as well.

That was enough to rattle the steam pressure release, but not to blow the lid off. What blew the lid off was the news that upon hearing of the intelligence briefing, President Donald Trump blew his own lid. Trump was furious that the Acting Director had followed the law in briefing congress as necessary, and was sure that House Intel Chair Adam Schiff was only out to weaponize the information to damage Trump. Trump went into a totally predictable rage, and after filleting the Acting DNI, fired him and replaced him with a totally unqualified hack toady, whose only qualifications were that he is able to get his head far enough Trump’s ass to ensure that Hannity and Tucker Carlson have enough food and water, and to change their litter as needed.

Make no mistake, this is the Rubicon, and we’re in Charon’s boat. El Pendejo Presidente is actively attempting to create an intelligence community that will willfully withhold information critical to the protection of the United States from those who have a logical, ethical, and legal reason to see it. Have no illusions, Donald Trump is more than willing to sacrifice the national security of this country to cover up and protect his own, criminal ass. And he is putting people in place that will follow his orders to do so.

Up until now, we’ve dodged the bullet. We dodged it because of brave souls like Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman, Ambassadoe Marie Yovanovitch, Jennifer Williams, and yes, even Ambassador Gordon Sondland. People who, when the time came, and the country called, stood up and answered the bell. People who honored their oaths to the constitution, and did their duty with dignity and honor. But Trump is closing those avenues off.

Let’s look at the now famous “whistleblower.” What happened with the whistleblower? He or she had information, vital to national security, that they felt was being repressed. The whistleblower went to Intel Chair Adam Schiff’s office seeking guidance. He or she was instructed to follow the established procedure, and to file a whistleblowers complaint with the department’s Inspector General. The system worked from there, and the information eventually came out.

But what about now? Let’s say it’s a month from now, and you’re the whistleblower. You have evidence of direct Russian interference in the 2020 election, information that is being suppressed. Following established protocol, you fill out a whistleblowers complaint form and turn it over to your Inspector General. Who promptly uses it ti light his office fireplace the next time it’s chilly out. What do you do now?

You have information, classified information vital to the national security of the United States that is being withheld from parties with the authorization to see it. You followed the procedure and filled out the complaint, in doing so taking the risk that the Inspector General would violate their own rules and out you. The Inspector General, or worse yet, the Attorney General has decided ti quash the report, rather than turn it over to the relevant committee as mandated by law. What’s your next move?

You swore an oath to protect and defend the constitution, but you also swore an oath to protect classified information. Which comes first? And if you decide your oath to the constitution comes first, where do you go? Do you take the information to the Intelligence committee, since they’re cleared for classified information? Can the Intelligence committee even accept it? And if they do, can they protect you? After all, you already filed the whistleblower complaint, so it won’t take long to figure out where the leak came from. Amd if you forego the whistleblower process and go directly to congress, can they protect you, since you bypassed the established procedure? Do you take the do-or-die step of bypassing everybody and going directly to the media? What do you do?

And we’re not playing games here. Donald Trump is building an inherently corrupt system that is designed and built to punish the non true believers, the traitors. We’re not talking about just being ostracized here, and we’re not talking about public recrimination and being fired. Trump is setting up a system to specifically punish those that stray from the party path, and has a Justice Department under William Barr that will relish the prospect of a public spectacle. We’re literally talking about years in a federal prison for non authorized disclosure of classified information.

Welcome to government service in the Republic of Trumpmenistan. This is going to happen. You know it is. There are going to be good, honest people out there, trying to do nothing more than their job in accordance with their oath that are going to be placed in this position. The way Trump has set this up, it’s inevitable. There will be those who fold, and who can blame them? But there will be those who will take a deep breath, square their shoulders, and stand up and do the right thing, the consequences be damned. And when they do, then the rest of us had fucking well better be ready to go to the mattresses with and for them. Because enough is enough. It’s our fight too.

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you get a fancy secret nickname (like deep throat) and meet the most ethical, intelligent, secret newsmen or newswomen (there are some excellent ones out there) and meet them in the car garage and provide them with the goods. When donnie finds out he has a raging fit that results in a stroke. pence has no idea what to do and is taken off to the psych ward with mother because there will be female nurses in the room alone with him and he has to take a medical leave. That leaves Nancy as president and we start moving back… Read more »
Le Borgne
Le Borgne

STrumpet is only half as smart as the soles of the Vindman Brothers feet. Even one of their big toes is smarter than Dodo Donald is.