Ahhhh, well. If you’re going to put yourself out there doing op-ed work on a website, sooner or later, you’re going to end up eating a little crow. I’ve done it before, and made no bones about it, but BOY!, do I look like a total schmuck this time! But this isn’t just about me sitting around with egg on my face.

First, the part about me looking like a schmuck, since I know that’s the part you’re all looking forward to. A few weeks ago, I wrote a rather lengthy piece in which I compared the various types of elections, primary, general, and special, and tongue-in-cheek gave a “glamour” rating to each one. And in that article, as statistical data has shown for generations, the special election was the shit on the bottom of the electoral shoe.

I was, of course, writing about the upcoming special election in Georgia on January 5th, and why I thought that the leading edge of prediction in the outcome of that election could well rest on the number of requests for absentee ballots. Due to the offbeat nature of special elections, absentee ballots were the easiest way of participating without having to make any special accommodations. And I was not disappointed. There were just over 1.15 million requests for absentee ballots.

*Shrugs into his schmuck cloak*The state of Georgia set a new record day in the first day of early, in person voting in the general election, with 128,000 ballots cast. In the more heavily minority districts, the lines went as much as 8-10 hours. Well, yesterday, in the first day of early, in person voting for the special election, there were a whopping 168,000 ballots cast, easily eclipsing the general election record. But more importantly, the waits in heavily minority districts were only averaging 1.5-2 hours. I will tell you this,  with the early numbers I’m looking at out of Georgia, I’ll be more than happy to wear that schmuck cloak all the way until January 6th.

Look. let’s just all agree, it would take me a tome the size of War and Peace to chronicle the almost insane number of ways that the GOP are shooting themselves in the foot going into this special election. Everything from Trump lawyers rallying the faithful to tell them they’d have to be stupid to vote in the special election, since the election is already rigged, to Trump tweeting out today that his own loyal Governor, as well as the GOP Secretary of State will soon be in jail for not committing election fraud to tip Georgia to him. And let’s not forget the fact that Trump is sending out e-mail and text blasts to raise money for the Georgia candidates, but on a close inspection, Trump keeps 75% of the money, with the rest going to the RNC.

You know, when you talk about a self inflicted gunshot wound, you normally mean something along the line of somebody shooting themselves in the foot. But in this campaign, both of the Georgia Senate GOP candidates actually shot themselves in the lung. Because both Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have steadfastly lined up with Donald Trump, and against even their own legally elected representatives. And it’s going to be fatal to them.

A couple of weeks after I wrote the article that has me wearing the schmuck cloak, I wrote another one. On that article, I posited that the GOP did much better than expected in the down ballot races simply because in 2018, Trump was not on the ballot, and the white, women suburban voters took out their outrage on the down ballot candidates to send a message. In 2020, Trump was on the ballot, and those same voters punished Trump for his churlish behavior, but didn’t take it out on the down ballot candidates. I provided statistical data to back up mu point.

But here we are, going into the 2021 special election. Loeffler and Perdue have both repeatedly joined themselves at the hip to Glorious Bleater, in their thirst for his brain dead voters. And that’s the kill shot.

Because it’s just this simple. White suburban women, and likely their spouses, still fucking hate Donald Trump! They personally spanked him at the ballot box in 2020, but didn’t punish the rest of the down line ticket. And once again, come January 5th, Donald Trump is not going to be on the ballot. But Loeffler and Perdue are. And in their endless thirst for Trombie voters, once again they have joined themselves at the hip to Traitor Tot. While those same white suburban voters, females and male, may not bother to turn out in the middle of winter to vote for an opponent, why would they bother to show up and vote for a couple of candidates who have so obviously sworn their fealty to Trump? It just doesn’t make sense.

That is the cardinal sin that Loeffler and Perdue just committed. granted, they are in an untenable position. They can’t win without the votes of Trump supporters, but by plighting their troth to Trump, instead of trying to walk the tightrope for a month or so, they have practically guaranteed that the mainstream suburban GOP voters they desperately need, won’t show up for them. Don’t touch that dial.

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