‘the Ukrainian episode’ is all about Giuliani and Trump

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The coming weeks will get less simple as there remain the existing criminal acts and perhaps new ones for Individual-1. It remains for lawfare to resolve many delaying actions and stalling tactics as investigations and the beat for impeachment continue.

Manafort’s shenanigans still circle back to Ukraine, Russia, and Don & Rudy, trading in information. ” “Trump doesn’t deny that he tried to pressure Ukraine into investigating Biden. He defends it. Reporting the facts isn’t the same as protecting Trump’s potential 2020 opponent.” (politicsusa)

“While Mueller’s investigation did not place Trump directly in the Russian conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and boost Trump’s candidacy, the president was an active participant in the Ukrainian episode.”

There’s so many associated, connected, and even collusive criminal actions. Remember that Paul Manafort was making money off the corrupt politics in Ukraine. Corruption in Ukraine is not about Biden, but about a history of a flawed post-soviet legal system and exploited by Giuliani and Trump.

(2015) Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, was upbeat in his New Year’s message to colleagues. While “2015 was a difficult and responsible year for us all,” he wrote, we “carried out unprecedented reform and overhaul of the prosecutor’s system, bringing it closer to European standards.” Almost twenty years after Ukraine promised to reform its prosecutor’s office as a condition to joining the Council of Europe, it still has a long way to go. The reforms that have been made were disturbingly cosmetic. Shokin sabotaged the latest round of reform, which resulted in the status quo being reinstated under the guise of a new competitive system.

Under former President Viktor Yanukovych, the prosecutor’s office was seriously compromised. As a result, public faith in law enforcement remains critically low. Post-Maidan expectations of real reform received a setback when President Petro Poroshenko appointed Shokin, who is widely viewed as part of the old guard. That concern has proven justified.


Ukraine’s political leadership: still struggling with internal rifts and low credibility Since 1991, successive Ukrainian governments have battled with entrenched problems, including oligarchic influence and frequent shifts in the centre of power. While the period following the Euromaidan revolution has seen increasing transparency, weak governance has slowed the pace of critical reforms such as an overhaul of the judiciary and completing privatisation. The Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, previously hailed as a strong leader on reform, resigned in 2016 amid accusations of conducting backdoor deals and consulting oligarchs. Poroshenko replaced Yatsenyuk with an ally, Volodymyr Groysman, sparking concern over potential pressure to subdue reformists. Poroshenko’s seeming lack of reform action and ability to overcome internal divisions in parliament has damaged his credibility. Accordingly, his approval rating has dropped since his election in May 2014. While 47 % approved of his activities in 2014, just 17 % approved in 2015 according to a Gallup World Poll.

A September 2016 survey conducted by the International Republican Institute showed little change, with just 20 % approving of Poroshenko’s performance and 73 % disapproving. The new e-declaration system, through which politicians declare their assets to the public, also revealed that Poroshenko has extensive assets that he has not sold off. This may account for his unwillingness to investigate the sources of his fellow oligarchs’ wealth, many of whom are his allies. This raises the danger of so-called ‘partial reform equilibrium’, a situation in which the beneficiaries of a system block further change out of fear that it will harm their positions.


Trump invents a spy scandal for the second time to distract from the converging financial scandals that will emerge eventually.

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chris whitley
chris whitley

It’s all there in front of them. Trump is a moron. What did he think that nobody would care to look. Dumbass would have been better to hide this shit before running for office. But that’s the problem with criminals. They are lazy and stupid. Otherwise they wouldn’t be criminals.