The Trump Impeachment A Parody (With Video)


*Full Disclosure* Unlike most of my articles,I didn’t actually plan this one, neither did I put a large amount of time into it. Personally, I think that it was an automatic response from my stand up comic bone to relieve the pressure and stress of the last few days, especially the vision of Iranian ballistic missiles disappearing onto the night sky. All I know is that it came to me in a literal blinding flash of manic insanity, almost completely written, and it just felt right. For those of you who didn’t particularly enjoy The Night Before Trumpmas, you might just want to give this one a pass, and wait for my next, more serious article.

This article is a parody of, and is sung to the tune of “The Inquisition” from Mel Brooks hysterical History of the World Part  For those of you who have not seen it I have posted the video below the article,, so that the rhythm and syntax of this ditty makes more sense.

The Trump Impeachment

The Trump impeachment. Go away!

The Trump impeachment. You can’t stay!

We have a mission, to acquit this clown

We’re gonna keep it, outta sight!

The facts will never, see the light!

Cuz believe us, the clown ain’t going down *Mo, the clown ain’t going down!*

Get lost! Don’t be stupid!

Begone! Don’t be dumb!

The point, you’re ignoring

Is Trump has the Senate underneath his thumb! *Oh, yes, he does!*

The Trump impeachment, cannot win

We won’t convict him, for his sin

Cuz me and Lindsey, we put in the fix

So, come on you whiny Democrats, you far left leaning little brats

You better change your votes before we sail!

Cuz the Trump impeachment’s! Going! To! Fail!

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Gotta love that Mel Brooks. I’d forgotten about that movie, priceless. Marty Feldman could do a better job than grumpenstein.