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Well, this is disgusting. Does the name Scott Lloyd ring a bell? No? Maybe not, but I” bet you remember the story. Back in December, a story broke that could be considered a scandal at the Office for Refugee Resettlement. There was a teenage girl under their custody who had suffered a rape in her home country before fleeing over the border into the US. She became pregnant as a result of the rape, and wanted an abortion. The ORR refused to allow the girl to leave, even with an escort to go to a medical facility to have the abortion. The girl followed what the Trump administration claims is the policy it had in place, having a sponsor ready to take her for the procedure, but Lloyd refused to allow her to leave the building. The ACLU became involved, and the ORR attempted to stall the case until the girl had passed the time limit to be able to obtain the abortion. It almost worked, but a federal district court stepped in at the last minute and ordered the ORR to allow the girl to go and have the abortion. Scott Lloyd, a long time virulent anti abortion zealot is the director of the ORR.

It was bad enough that this situation was ever allowed to unfold the way it did, but as with all things Trump, the potential is always there for it to get even worse. And in this case, it just did. The Daily Beast is reporting that Vice News has received documents showing that Scott Lloyd didn’t take losing gracefully. To quote from the article;

Scott Lloyd, the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, considered using a “controversial, scientifically unproven method” in an attempt to reverse a detainee’s abortion, according to records obtained by VICE News. Tasked to manage underage immigrants who enter the country illegally, Lloyd explicitly mentioned using progesterone to stop the chemical abortion of a pregnant teen that was already underway.

WTF?!? a teenage girl gets raped in her native country, comes into this country, and very sensibly decides that she has no interest in carrying her rapists baby to full term. A pompous Trump appointed prick with a desktop nameplate decides that the girl needs a good dose of anguish and self loathing to make her a stronger, better immigrant before they possibly ship her back home with the baby. A federal circuit court tells the soulless prick to shove it up his ass, the girl can terminate the pregnancy. But then, when the girl has the chemical abortion procedure, and returns to the detention center, said prick seriously considers going full Victor Frankenstein, and ordering the girl to undergo a controversial, unproven procedure to attempt to defy the court and force her to carry the child to term. Since October of last year, four other teenage girls have come forward to say that the ORR had either blocked, or attempted to block them from getting an abortion, and the ACLU is now actively monitoring the department.

This should be too stupid and revolting to even have to talk about. Welcome to Trump’s “Land of the free.” They’re going to have to change the inscription on the Statue of Liberty to read, “Give us your tired, your poor. But they’d better be ready to give up their free will, or we’ll ship their sorry asses right back where they came from.” Sounds just about right.

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