The True Genius Of Stupid. The Gift That Keeps On Giving


You can’t possibly BE that stupid! Oh, yeah! Don’t tell ME how stupid I can be!   GOP Motto

You know, anybody can do something stupid once in a while, God only knows I’ve dipped my toes into that particular pool on more than one occasion. But it takes true, rare genius to do something so stupid that it just continues to lumber stupidly along, like Godzilla laying waste to Tokyo.

Recently I wrote an article in which I pointed out that El Pendejo Presidente had just committed an act of monumental stupidity, said act being that by not just in trying to extort the Ukraine into a political hit job investigation into the Biden’s, but by getting caught, he had robbed himself of the very scandal he wished to dump on Biden’s head if he became the nominee. But as time goes by, and as facts on the ground evolve, it becomes more apparent that this wasn’t just clumsy and stupid, it was an almost inspirational act of stupid.

Every day it becomes more and more likely that Trump’s worst nightmare will come true, and that Joe Biden will be his general election opponent. This may well be a foregone conclusion sometime late Tuesday night. And the more that becomes a reality, the less that Trump’s mistake above starts to look like common, garden variety, everyday stupid, and more like the inspirational kind of stupid gift that just keeps on giving.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but His Lowness doesn’t seem to be spending as much time lately talking about Biden and Burisma as he used to. A good part of that is likely due to the corona-virus and the impending Trump recession, but I also think that it’s partially due to the fact that both his handlers, as well as select GOP Senators have advised him that this issue is a dog with mange. But Biden knows that this is out there, and that the GOP made great hay about it without much of a definitive response from the Democratic side. And since forewarned is forearmed, what’s to stop Biden, during his acceptance speech at the convention, from saying something like;

You know what, folks? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. And that secret is this, Donald Trump is scared to death of me! Right now he’s shaking like a month old puppy in a thunderstorm! You wanna know how terrified he is right now? So terrified that long before the Democrats cast a single primary vote, I was beating him so badly in the polls that he sent his personal attorney and fixer, Rudy Giuliani, over to the Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on my son Hunter, and a power company called Burisma. They were so clumsy at it that they got caught! And when they did, do you know what we all found out? That the government of the Ukraine had already held an independent investigation, and determined that there was nothing illegal in Hunter’s relationship with Burisma. Was it unseemly? Yes, it was, and I, sorry for that, it wasn’t the greatest idea for Hunter. Do we wish something different had happened? Every day we wish that. But the thing you have to remember is that the government of the Ukraine investigated, and found nothing illegal! Now, we can spend all day contrasting that with our current President’s blatant violations of the Hatch Act, and the Emoluments clause, and his gouging of the American taxpayers for his mandatory golf weekends at Mar-a-Lago, but that’s not why we’re here.

This issue is out there, and has to be definitively dealt with, so it may as well be dealt with on Biden’s terms, and with the desired spin, and with the facts lined up correctly. Because Trump isn’t the only one. GOP idjits like Ron Johnson and Leningrad Lindsey are squealing like little porkers for Senate investigations into the matter. And they can have them if they want them. But they can be just as easily dealt with as this, and in advance.

You know folks, one thing you have to say about today’s Republican party, they don’t give up. They’re like a dog with a pork chop bone, aren’t they? Now we’re hearing about Senate committees having investigations into the dealings between my son and Burisma. Millions of your tax dollars to be wasted on a dead issue. I guess they just don’t remember that this issue was investigated by the House Intelligence committee during it’s investigation into impeachment proceedings. And it was also investigated and covered in the House Judiciary committee impeachment hearings, as well as covered in the impeachment trial as well. And you know what they found? Absolutely nothing illegal! The Republicans in the Senate already have ready access to every document and witness covered in those hearings. And yet they want more hearings to flog a dead horse. My response is simple, and in two parts, Hillary’s e-mail server, and Benghazi! Either of those ring a bell ladies and gentlemen? Enough already!

Actually, Trump’s long term, apparently congenital stupidity has made Biden’s job easier. One of the things that even Trump supporters are more than happy to admit weariness to is the constant rancor, name calling, mud slinging and personal insults of life in Trumptopia. And if Trump supporters are sick of it, what do you think everybody else is feeling like? Biden’s job us simple. Effectively defend himself from any accidental serious barbs that come his way, and look, act, and sound calm, measured, responsible, and most of all presidential.

Biden doesn’t need to jump into the hogs wallow with Trump because that will take care of itself. If the primary ads I saw are anything to go by, Mike Bloomberg’s Super PAC will be coming up with attack ads on Trump that will have him crawling under the blankets and crying for mother. The ads I saw here in Nevada in the primaries were stunningly effective, without being sleazy. That part Biden leaves to The Lincoln Project, which is waiting in the winds to unleash a barrage of GOP style attack ads that will have the Republicans feeling like they’re in Hitler’s bunker, and scrambling for an emergency exit. Biden can keep looking like the return to normalcy that the country is craving, while the turmoil goes on beneath him.

Now you see what I meant when I said that some acts of stupidity border on, if not step over the line of genius. In one fell swoop, Trump not only blew up his own October Surprise for Biden, but in being caught he made it possible for Biden to explain it away, as well as to excoriate the GOP Senators who try to keep the farce going. At this point, I can only ask myself, What’s the dude gonna do for an encore?!?

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes dumb is as dumb does. Donny boy is off to the races. Yes I have noticed he isn’t attacking Biden. A big part of this is that they cut off lifeline, his insane rallies. He can’t go in front of his crowd and get his rejuvenate sauce. And he’s getting beat up on social media. And I seen where they have cut into his fake adds.

Facts hurt
Facts hurt

Your Biden speech is spot-on, however I doubt he could deliver it cleanly.