I tried to say I think the traitor is ruined. It is in retrospect a colossal understatement.


He has VERY little time now. Tic tic tic Melania. Probably too late for her anyway.

I hope you listened to Michael Cohen today — very illuminating. What he said basically is NY is going down in 30 days (“three Scaramouche’s ) —  and all the crimes MSNBC listed off — he said “you are scratching the surface”  — but there is more. Late last week Morgan Lewis ( the tax lawyers) were trying hard to get out of representing him. They are a very good firm. But what they did is really telling.  They are trying to withdraw, simultaneously saying they had no real knowledge of the tax bullshit and also trying to block the release of the financial evidence (that they have little knowledge of ) all at the same time!  Boy are they trying to get out of Dodge.

But then it gets worse, of course.

My understanding is that at least Deutsche Bank  and Landmark are trying real fucking hard to find a buyer for the traitors paper. No buyers. They will have to dump it to the sharks to avoid their fingerprints on a likely foreclosure.  Once it gets to the sharks — complete blood in the war. They will not give a fuck about anything more than making a buck on the deal. The other option the traitor may have had was a series of fire sales, but even that is probably too late now.

Before some one says he can finagle out of this — firstly, it ain’t the 1990’s In BK issues, and secondly these are not non-recourse debts.  He is completely on the hook. He cannot walk away. And certainly Boris and Natasha are just waiting in the wings.

But then it get worse again, of course.

I figure he is losing between 25 and 30 million dollars — every month. AND every month the collateral keeps on falling.  Man — the shit coming down on commercial property has not even started yet. Think — just how many lenders there are out there willing to do loans on commercial at these low rates, KNOWING there is maybe no bottom.  Those loans roll every 5 to ten (at the most) years. Meaning, even if he had a clean name — those projects are getting red lined as we speak unless there are A++++. And they don’t have that bastards name on the deal!!!!!!!!  Ya know?

He will NEVER do another real  estate deal ever again.

Brave new world — besides not businesses just failing, many found most things can be done remotely without the need for paying a gazillion dollars in rent in most cases. Commercial RE is really fucked here.
One more (and it does keep getting worse for him if you want to keep going down the rabbit hole)  — This is going to hit him in quick order. He will get hit civil and I think criminal in NY and NY city. As his impeachment trial goes down, The IRS will be right behind it — and I think at least three other states will follow, California comes to mind — so fast he cannot possibly deal with it.  And think about it — when he got away with such shit in the past — who really paid attention — but now millions and millions or us are.

Sorry if some of you think you cannot bear to hear his name again. His name is traitor — and he MUST pay for what he did to us. The total humiliation he is going to feel here — might be the most potent anecdote of all — on every level.

I will link this — kind of interesting I guess — but certainly not complete.


He is SO fucked — honest to god.

Daily Kos

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  1. I don’t think anyone can even say how deeply he is boned… but here’s the interesting part… when they’re holding like a Sagan of prison years over his head, and his entire family is all doing small orbits in the potty…

    They will throw him a tiny… tiny.. lifeline, just made for those itty, bitty sausage fingers… and he will be able to mitigate some of those billions of years if he turns states evidence, and admits to all crimes and all his minions.

    So, every dirty deed. Everyone he did it with. Everyone who is responsible for making his shit-show reality… named, blamed, and maimed for life. I can think of no better way to suck the poison out of our country.

    One last time… everything Donald touched will die. And America will be better for it.

  2. THANK YOU for that, it really helped he tonight! It’s about time he paid for all the People he has Screwed in the past and present!!!

  3. The traitor is hooked but what about his son in-law, who is into properties. Are we going to let him have the cream of the crop with all the real estate created by the pandemic. You know that was the focus for the traitor’s family

  4. He probably won’t be convicted on the impeachment charges because we have few GOP Congressmen who aren’t corrupt themselves without an ounce of decency to do the right thing, but perhaps Trump and his co-villains will be convicted in criminal court where they don’t play politics! I certainly hope so!


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