Tara Reade is a liar. This is not the first or the second time I’ve written about this. I hope it is the last. Frankly, I’m getting tired of it.

And notice: I’m no longer qualifying this as an opinion. The facts bear out the claim. She is a bald-faced, unrepentant serial liar.

What are some of the new developments? Well, she’s been revealed to have lied about her college degrees. She lied about being an “expert” who could testify in domestic violence cases — which she did. Now those cases are being considered for reopening, and convicted domestic abusers may be freed because of Reade’s lies under oath. And, her high-profile lawyer dropped her as a client.

Her credibility is shot. No one with any discernment believes that Biden actually molested her, unless their hatred of Biden and/or love of Trump drives them to advocate for her credibility because they still hope she can split enough votes away from Biden to cost him the presidency. That applies to both devoted MAGAts and devoted Bernie Busters.

Let’s look at where Reade stands now — in the ashes of her future, the unmasked lies and deceptions of her past, and the entire destruction of her credibility as a truthful witness to, well, anything.

Cease and Desist?

Back in the halcyon days of — five days ago!?! — Reade’s attorney, veteran sexual harassment defense lawyer and Trump donor Douglas Wigdor, sent a cease-and-desist order to Lynn Hummer, one of Reade’s most persuasive critics.

Hummer, who calls Reade “manipulative” and a “liar” after having Reade allegedly milk thousands of dollars out of Hummer’s non-profit horse rescue organization, received the letter on May 17. The letter advised her to stop giving “false” information “to the media and online” about Reade. How did Wigdor know Hummer was giving false information to the media? His client, Reade, said so. Wigdor wrote:

These harassing, intimidating and false statements are unlawful and are clearly intended to tarnish and impugn Ms. Reade’s character and reputation. … Let this letter serve as a final demand for you to cease and desist from engaging in this or similar conduct immediately.

Almost a month before, Reade posted this on Twitter:

After Wigdor sent his letter, Hummer’s own lawyer, Pat Harris, said:

I find it very ironic that her attorney is trying to bully witnesses when he is claiming that is what’s happening to her in the Joe Biden case. … The last thing in the world that Tara Reade wants to do is meet Lynn Hummer in the courtroom.

Hummer has receipts. Reade does not. Harris told Politico: “We’ll be more than happy to provide actual physical evidence that backs up Ms. Hummer’s story. All Reade has is a lawyer trying to bully my client.”

Released from Biden’s Staff Due to Health Issues?

This is almost certainly a lie. In my previous articles, we’ve seen that Reade almost certainly was asked to resign, if not outright fired, due to incompetence. Her original claims that she was fired because she made a sexual harassment claim are almost certainly bogus, because no one, including Reade, can produce documentation of such a report. The only ones who will “verify” that she made such a claim are former friends and neighbors who recall she told them she filed such a claim. None of them have first-hand knowledge. Now a former co-worker, Ben Savage, who was on Biden’s staff at the same time she was, recalls her having her duties reduced and her eventual termination due to her inability or unwillingness to do her job. At the time, Savage recalls, Reade “blamed her termination on her health issue — that she thought she was being discriminated against for her health issue.” Savage declined to go into specifics about what that medical issue may have been. Since then, Reade has also claimed she left of her own accord to pursue her artistic and musical muses, or because she had grown tired of the US government’s “deception and xenophobia,” or because she wanted to join a then-boyfriend who left Washington, DC to manage a congressman’s election campaign. She blames the multiple accounts on “stupid” and apparently somewhat fictional “blog posts,” and claims not to remember writing about the US government’s xenophobia.

“Expert” Witness for the Prosecution? Not So Much

Four days ago, NBC News reported that Reade may have misrepresented herself as an “expert” witness about domestic abuse in at least one trial of an alleged domestic abuser, and almost certainly others.

Reade testified for the prosecution in a case involving attempted murder charges. Reade claimed she has a bachelor’s degree from Antioch University in political science. She also claimed she worked there as a “visiting professor” for five years. She swore to both claims under oath, in a number of courtrooms as an “expert witness” about domestic abuse.

Both claims are lies. Antioch University, which has a campus in Seattle, where Reade claimed to have graduated from, says she did not graduate from that school, and far from being a visiting professor, she merely did a few hours of low-level administrative work for the school.

Reade, of course, has an elaborate explanation. In an email to NBC, she changed her description from “visiting professor” to “affiliate faculty online as needed to help students with life learning and BA completion,” whatever the hell that means. To “prove” her claim, she sent screenshots of “unofficial” transcripts that she claims prove she earned a degree. The transcripts do not show anything more than 35 class hours earned and no degree completion. She also said she obtained her degree under some sort of “protected program” that she personally arranged with the then-president of the school, Tullisse Murdock, to protect her identity from what she claimed was an abusive ex-husband who was stalking her. The school spokesperson affirmed that no such program exists at any of their campuses. She says that to protect her identity, Murdock personally shepherded her through the program, and at Reade’s request, did not issue her a diploma. Instead, she says, she was “fast tracked” into law school: “The president took it from the registrar and did it herself for complete confidentiality,” she claims. Antioch spokesperson Karen Hamilton says that no such arrangement was made for Reade, and she did not have enough university credits to graduate with any sort of degree.

She also claimed to have a law degree from Seattle University in 2004, which the school confirms, and obtained certification through a program held at the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers. “I train military and police on prevention of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault,” she swore to the Salinas court under oath. Think that certificate exists? I don’t. It does seem that she graduated from law school, but the question remains: how did she get into law school if she never graduated from an undergraduate program?

Reade was popular with local prosecutors, according to lawyer Roland Soiltesz, who represented a woman charged in the attempted murder case. Reade claimed in court transcripts that she has testified “over 20 times” in domestic abuse and violence cases. The courts are examining the records to determine just how many times she may have actually appeared. Soltesz’s client, Victoria Ramirez, was convicted of attempted murder; she and a co-defendant were sentenced to life in prison. It is possible that the Ramirez and other convictions may be re-examined and possibly overturned because of Reade’s fraudulent representation.

Reade (who testified in court under the name “Alexandra McCabe”) told the court during the Ramirez case that she began working on domestic violence prevention when she worked in Biden’s office. She says she worked with both Biden and Leon Panetta before moving to “the King’s County prosecutor’s office” in Seattle where she actually did work as some sort of victim’s advocate between August 1999 and October 2000. She did not work on any legislation while she was an employee of Biden’s office.

I can’t find any documentation proving her assertion that she worked as an intern for Panetta.

In the Ramirez case, Soltesz and another lawyer challenged Reade’s qualifications as an expert witness. The judge overruled them, saying that her qualifications gave her the proper education and training background to testify. Now we know she has no such qualifications. “People have been convicted based upon this, and that’s wrong,” Soltesz said, adding that he “could care less about the politics of this whole thing.”

Soltesz intends to try to reopen the case. He has contacted over 100 public defenders advising them of Reade’s fraudulent claims. One of those lawyers, Monique S. Hill, who was a defense attorney in another case where Reade served as an “expert witness,” says: “Had I had the information that I have now, this case, in my mind, would have gone differently.” She intends to try to reopen her case as well. The Monterey County chief assistant district attorney, Berkley Brannon, says his office will alert all defense lawyers involved in cases where she testified, if the office can confirm that she misrepresented her credentials. “That would absolutely be of concern to us, and it’s something that the defense attorneys would need to know about,” Brannon says. “We don’t want people that we call lying about anything.” The Sixth District Appellate Program, a state-funded public interest law firm that represents low-income clients in the region, is also reviewing all the cases involving Reade. The Appelate Program’s executive director, Patrick McKenna, says his office is reviewing at least six cases involving Reade’s testimony.

Defense attorney Scott Erdbacher, who represented his client in the same case as Soltasz, says:

Experts are relied on to assist at trial on matters that are not commonly known. If those persons lie under oath, that really undermines the system.

Another defense attorney, William Pernik, who worked with Soltesz to represent Ramirez, says Reade’s lies will cause a serious problem for the county’s legal community:

Experts such as [Reade] are rarely brought in on easily provable cases. Their value increases as the case difficulty for the prosecution rises and the dots between the crime and the person on trial get harder and harder to connect. … That means the risk of jury erroneously convicting the accused is astronomically higher. This impacts the integrity of convictions obtained, both through verdict and through settlement of cases, and requires a significant re-examination of past cases, with the brunt of the expense borne by taxpayers.

If she perjured herself over her credentials, Pernik adds, she, in the words of Monterey County Weekly reporters Mary Duan and Asaf Shalev, “she misled jurors, duped the District Attorney’s Office, perpetrated a fraud on the court and got paid for it.” Pernik says Reade was constrained by law to function as an officer of the court, and it was her “responsibility to protect the integrity of our criminal justice system…”

Reade could end up in jail for her actions.

Lawyer Fires Reade

Today, Wigdor fired Reade as a client.

Wigdor says in a statement: “We genuinely wish Ms. Reade well and hope that she, as a survivor, is treated fairly. … We have and will continue to represent survivors regardless of their alleged predator’s status or politics.” Wigdor goes on to claim that Reade has been subjected to a “double standard,” having her life examined (and her pattern of lying and defrauding those in her orbit, though  Wigdor does not acknowledge this) while Biden, a presidential candidate whose every action since first joining Congress in 1973, has been given some sort of free pass. Wigdor hasn’t said why he and his firm have dropped Reade as a client.

Why Should We Care?

Because Reade is either being used as an unwitting pawn by anti-Biden forces on both the left and right to discredit Biden and damage his candidacy, or she’s actively and wittingly involved, possibly for money. And like Trump stooges such as Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and others who worked either wittingly or unwittingly for Russian intelligence, I don’t care that much whether they did what they did knowingly or not. I care about the damage they inflicted.

Is Reade a knowing asset for Russian intelligence, or Trump backers, or far-left idiots who don’t care if Trump wins a second term as long as it keeps Biden out of the White House? Damned if I know. Doesn’t really matter. It’s the damage she’s done, and may continue to do, that concerns me.

Right now, Biden has the strong support of women, more than any other voting group aside from African-Americans. He leads Trump by an enormous 20 points among women. (Men still prefer Trump by 7 points. Biden leads among elderly voters by 17 points, probably because they fear Trump wants to kill them in droves in order to allow “his” economy to restore itself, and by 13 among independents.) So, if you follow the rather successful strategies of Karl Rove, you attack Biden on his strongest areas: his appeal to women due to his decades of championing women’s rights, and his integrity. (Rove seems to have joined Trump’s campaign in some capacity. Coincidence?)

Democratic and independent voters, and even some Republican voters who might be growing sick of the Orange Nazi’s criminal incompetence, want to vote for someone “clean” of allegations of misconduct, and someone who stands up for women. Lying allegations such as the Reade story hurt Biden in his core constituencies. Biden is already stung by credible claims of unwanted touching, hugging and hair-nuzzling. Biden is falsely being smeared as a “rapist” and a “pedophile” by Trump goons and far-left assclowns (who seem to see no irony in them demanding a “fair hearing” for Reade while eagerly smearing Biden with no credible evidence of either horrendous claim).

This will not be the last claim “trump”ed up by Trump, Brad Parscale, Rove, his MAGAts, and his allies on the far left. I hope that the Reade train wreck will help inoculate Biden against further charges, but you can be sure they will try something new and hopefully crippling.

Remember that in 2004, Rove and the Bush campaign tried and failed to paint John Kerry and John Edwards as “metrosexuals” who couldn’t wait to make out with one another in the Oval Office.

That didn’t work very well. The Swift Boat attacks did.

Be vigilant. Be proactive. Push back.


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