Well, the Republicans finally got their coup. The political hacks they have succeeded in installing on the court for life have converted the court from a judicial body to the new government of the USA. These dictators for life have outlawed a woman’s right to choose and will do away with representative democracy, voting rights, social security, safe work environments, healthcare, and everything Americans depend on for a dignified, just, and secure life.

We now have a Republican junta representing a minority… and if you look at the latest polling on the Supreme Court, it’s a small minority that has the final say on what our elected government can do and not do. We now have a system like Iran’s where a clique of religious fanatics is the ultimate decider on law and regulation. Church law has replaced the constitution and the Republican Justices have imposed their own Sharia law on America. The unelected Ayatollahs of the Supreme Court, appointed by cheating, lies, and manipulation now run our lives.

Democrats at this point must toss out the old playbook and go at these unAmerican usurpers hammer and tong. Abortion rights, Social Security, your right to vote, your healthcare, and the right to a safe work environment and a livable environment for your kids, kiss them all goodbye if you vote for any Republican. Every vote for a Republican is another nail in the coffin of the American dream and American democracy.

Every Democratic Senate candidate has to guarantee that they will vote to do away with the filibuster and expand the court to undo the coup that has destroyed the court’s credibility and perverted its constitutional role. There should be investigations about perjury in the nomination process and illegal activity involving political coordination and violating the separation of church and state of some sitting justices.

The Court has jumped the shark. 75% of Americans now regard the court in a negative light. Democratic leadership must use this starting now to crush the Republicans in the midterms. An all-out campaign to demonize the court and make clear what we all stand to lose thanks to this corrupted court. This should be a boat anchor tied around every Republican’s neck. This could be democracy’s last stand. We cannot afford to lose.

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