The Sunday Talk Shows – It’s a Dumpster fire for trump

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The WH and the GOP, as is usual, sent out their army of shameless robots to the Sunday talk shows, hoping to do damage control and to fling some poo, hoping some of it will stick to the TV screens.

Needless to say, it did not go well. Let’s take a look, shall we.

The WH sent creepy Miller to the Fox Sunday news show (they have no one left), who promptly got spanked by Chris Wallace.

So, is he going to run crying to daddy trump and dictate some nasty tweets attacking Fox?

Light-weight Jim Jordon got leveled on CNN with Jake Tapper –

Well done Jake!

Watch that language Alden. Or not. 😄

It’s not going well when Giuliani gets yelled at — even on Fox.

Guiliani continued with his gaslighting tour …

… laying out his demands for testifying. LoL. Republicans do live in a parallel universe.

Guiliani was on every show, it seems. Trying to revise his stories and pick-and-choose who to throw under the bus to save his behind.

Quivering Lindsey was stomping all over the map and the law.

And Chuck Todd played his usual dim-witted self.

OTOH, Adam Schiff was a picture of dignity and integrity, armed with a stiletto called the law.

Word of the day — Gravamen.

And more dirt comes out … against republicans.

Robert De Niro appeared on CNN for an affable interview. But the right-wing is going apoplectic with De Niro’s use of the f-word. Snowflakes. F ‘em.

Let karma takes it’s inevitable path …

This is what happens when the truth is not on your side, when you are trying to defend the indefensible, when your lies are so blatant, that even Fox cannot stomach ‘em.

But let’s not be under any illusion; the GOP, the WH and right-wing noise machine are on a war footing — against Democrats, against the American People and against the world. Their propaganda blitzkrieg is just starting. trump will double his executive tweeting time. They will burn everything to the ground before admitting to any crimes. We must stay alert, united and we must keep fighting and not let any lie go unchallenged.


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3 Comments on "The Sunday Talk Shows – It’s a Dumpster fire for trump"

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Today was the best of the keystone kops I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for next sundays show,it’s only going to get better I’m sure

David Bishop
David Bishop

Tapper chewed and spat out Jordan – what kind of person does nothing when learning of a pedophiles crimes? Another pedophile.

chris whitley
chris whitley

One that’s standing in line. The only good thing is when they go to prison and someone leaks what they did.