Just a quick story here:

In “The Newsroom’s” opening, Jeff Daniels asks, “If liberals are so f***ing smart, how come they lose all the goddamned time?”

Well, it’s pretty obvious.

Just watched “This Week” with Martha Radditz siting in for George Stephanopolous — -like it or not, shows like this are hugely influential.

Martha interviewed a woman, Talitha (sp?) from Kansas City, who was losing her mind about the prices at the grocery store. The package of meat she would usually buy on her $100/week budget had gone from $18 to $30. Her family was going to have to do without meat and produce. She said, “I don’t know how anyone is getting by!”

Okay, yes, there’s inflation. Missing from the gloom-and-doom narrative in this story was one little point: Talitha has 4 young children at home.

Martha’s story pulled at the heartstrings, and looked grimly on the economy and, by extension, on Biden and the Democrats. Obviously, so.

Suppose Martha had played this story straight and pointed out that Talitha’s family, with their $100 weekly grocery budget, was now getting around $1200/month in child tax credits? That’s straight news and certainly relevant.

Suppose Martha has asked, “That $1200 on child tax credits must be helping a lot. Whatever will you do if they halt the program?”

How do Biden and the Democrats come off in that segment? Particularly if one of the feckless “liberals” these shows put on then pointed out in the Roundtable that the GOP wanted to get rid of those.

Billy Joe Armstrong got it right.

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