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This just keeps getting worse and worse for Team Trump. And it’s going to keep getting worse for them simply because they have set themselves up on a self destructive path that they can no longer get off of.

Chris covered yesterday how CNN reported that it turns out there in fact was a follow up to the June 9th meeting between Donnie Redux, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskiya. It came in the form of an e-mail from the protagonist of the meeting, Rob Goldstone, in which he expressed surprise about the hack of the DNC e-mails. Or as Monty Python one put it, “Say no more, nudge-nudge-wink-wink, say no more, say no more.” Ho-him, another day, another bullshit lie.

CNN is really on a roll, they must have good sources in or close to the House investigation, because now they’re reporting that Trump Jr actually received an e-mail in September offering himself and other top Trump officials an encryption key and a link to a web address for hacked Wikileaks documents. And it wasn’t just Li’l Donnie who got this particular golden egg;

The email, which was described to CNN by multiple sources and verified by Trump Jr.’s attorney, came from someone who listed his name as “Mike Erickson.” It was addressed to Trump, Trump Jr., Trump Jr.’s personal assistant and others, and turned over to Congress as part of the documents provided by the Trump Organization.

At this point, investigators are attempting to obtain and verify the actual identity of the sender, as well as whether the web address and encryption key were actually real. The important thing here is that not only was Trump Jr in the address field, so was his father as were other aides to the campaign.The investigators asked Trump Jr about the e-mail, and rhe response was about what you’d expect;

Trump Jr.’s attorney, Alan Futerfas, told CNN that his client said he had no recollection of the email and took no action on it.

Excuse me. –Cough-cough-BULLshit- This is what is going to ultimately sink the whole damn bunch of them. They have mad a conscious decision to lie even when there would be no pain from the truth. That will work if there are very few facts to have to keep in mind, but not here, when there are abundant facts to challenge them with. This is a perfect example. Documents turned over by the campaign have already shown Donnie Jr bragging in e-mails to other senior staffers about his communications with Wikileaks. Trump Jr denied even answering those e-mails, and yet it has been proven that within minutes of receiving a communication from Wikileaks advising him to push a link to the Wikileaks dump of e-mails, he retweeted the link, as did his father. Now we’re supposed to believe that he took no action on even trying to open the door to Aladdin’s cave? If the Mueller team subpoena’s the campaign servers, and if they can find the address from that e-mail having been typed in, it’s pretty much game over on that particular score.

The truth is capable of standing on its own two teeny feet, but lies require crutches. And right now, Bob Mueller is kicking those crutches out as fast as the Trump cabal can get them under their arms. Don’t touch that dial.

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