The other day, I attempted to admonish a Diarist who seemed to me to be unnecessarily harshly and overly broadly trashing people in Texas based on a viral video of an anti mask assault in New York City, perpetrated by tourists from the Lone Star State. Unfortunately I did it while at work from my phone and was pressed for time. That coupled with the fact that I have never been able to clearly articulate why it matters so much led to some condemnation from other users. I was accused of “taking a crap” in the post and while I adamantly deny that was my intent, it certainly could be perceived that way and so I apologize for posting in the way I did. Not having the luxury to read and post from work during the day has long been a disadvantage for we more blue collar types,

   Today, I saw a video made by a YouTube influencer whom I occasionally view who explained the principle of supporting, (in this case reachable red state voters) way better than I have ever been able to. I am going to post the video here because I think it needs to be disseminated far and wide among all Progressives who want to stop the fascism from the authoritarian right and to create the change that we have so long striven to achieve. I only ask that you watch the video and listen to the words with an open mind. Take me and the online dust-up out of your thoughts because this isn’t about me. This is about us. ALL of US who don’t want to live under the yoke of the oppressive dystopian society that the right has been so transparent about wanting to impose.

   So please, all I’m asking is to put aside any biases and whatever expectations you might have and to watch and share this video as I believe it is must see viewing for anyone serious about creating the fundamental societal changes that we all claim to be seeking. This is not about me or you or any arguments we may have had. 

      I don’t remember who it was and I don’t have the search engine skills to find the comment but a shout out to the Daily Kos user who first alerted me to Beau of the Fifth Column around the time of the January 6 Republican led insurrection. If you wish, I would love you to let me know and to take a bow for it. 

    So without further ado, let’s do further and watch Beau’s spear analogy:

   As you can see, it’s the people in the shaft of the spear that I am discussing. These are the people who drive us forward, these are the people FOR WHOM WE ARE WORKING TO MAKE CHANGES. But they are also the people who we are unnecessarily trashing when we demand Texas secede or use terms like “Flori-duh” or “Tex-ass”. We have to do better. We have to be more respectful of the people who are the driving force behind the work we do. Badmouthing them based on geography, association or just “not being active enough” to suit you is not helpful. This is why we have fewer “shaft” supporters than we should. Even innocuous seeming titles on the internet matter because it’s likely that the title of a post that contains “Texas Crazy” or “Please Secede Alabama” will be all such a person will see from Progressives that day because they aren’t as engaged and won’t be looking past the title to the intent or content of the post. That’s going to leave them less open to our message the next time that they hear from Progressives. It’s part of the reason why we have such a bad name in the media and in casual circles.

   So please, again all I ask is that everybody who has read this far to watch and you should understand why I keep hammering on this issue. It’s not about “state pride” or reflexive regional defense. It’s not about me or recommends or diary count, that has never been why I’m here or why I’ve remained. This isn’t about oneupsmanship when it comes to political activity or the amount of effort each of us individually contributes. I think this message is incredibly important and I want you to judge that for yourselves. Put aside any preconceptions and let Beau explain it in a way that I’ve never been able to.  Remember the axiom that we get out what we put in. Treating people like shit and then expecting them to support us is not rational.

    Thanks in advance,

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