The “Sondland Factor”


This week should be the packets of charges at the corners and along the base that bring the Trump Super dome down. The week is packed full of “first hand” witnesses to make hash browns of the GOP’s bullshit excuse that all of the testimony has been “hearsay.” But the highlight of my week will be Wednesday.

Because that’s when EU Ambassador Gordon “I have no reputation to salvage” Sondland will swear the oath, sit at the table, and wait for the “puree” button to be pressed. And the reason that I’m looking forward so much to Ambassador Sondland’s testimony is that he at one time manages to present such an intoxicating pain in the ass to both the Democrats as well as the Republicans.

For the GOP, they have a couple of different problems to consider as they approach their rebuttal questioning of Sondland. For one thing, while it can be somewhat easy to describe almost anybody that Trump has never personally met, nor had close interaction with a “Never Trumper,” it’s somewhat more difficult for someone whom Trump has not only praised effusively on Twitter, but someone whom Trump himself hand picked and nominated. There’s also the issue that the more shit they dump over Sondland’s head, the more aspersions they cast on His Lowness for having personally nominated this mental paramecium in the first place.

But the second problem just became more problematic on Friday. One could easily expect that the GOP’s defense against anything negative that Sondland would have to say about Donnie Depends would be the classic “Roger Stone Defense.” Mainly, that like Stone before him, Sondland is full of shit. He’s a big mouth, a braggart, and an inveterate bullshitter that loves to make his peripheral role seem more pivotal. But the Stone Defense was exposed on Friday, when Roger Stone was convicted of 7 charges. That works if the only evidence is your big mouth, but when there is corroborating evidence, you’re hosed. And when there are multiple witnesses to your lunchtime chit-chat with Emperor Numbus Nuttus, among other outrages, you’re double hosed.

But the Democrats also have a problem with Sondland, because he’s a liar, twice exposed. And while the Democrats would love nothing more than to take him over the falls repeatedly about his previous testimony and revisions, if they damn him too thoroughly on his previous lies, they make the GOP’s case for them that there is no reason to believe Sondland’s latest iteration of Ass Saving 303. Fortunately, the Democrats have a kind of a built in defense against the GOP, that being that nothin on the planet is a bigger incentive to tell the truth than when your own personal cock is on the chopping block. Sondland is well aware of the conflicting testimony about his previous yammering, and he also knows that if Trump loses in 2020, his crimes will not in the slightest bit have stale dated. And he has the testimony of others at the table to back him up this time around.

Make no mistake about it, if Sondland testifies like an upright citizen on Wednesday morning, he can score a direct hit on the bow under the waterline on Trump. Not only can Sondland testify that Trump was not only intimately aware of the pressure campaign, but was actively pursuing it, he can also testify that Zelensky was well aware of the pressure campaign, and it’s exact requirements, simply because he himself had laid them out to Zelensky on multiple occasions. This puts the final nail in the GOP’s lame ass excuse that Zelensky was under no pressure, and wasn’t even aware that the funds had been delayed.

I can see why there are rumblings that the Democrats may be winding down the public hearing testimony after this week. After the initial revelations, the way that the dominoes have fallen have given the Democrats a stunning amount of first person, as well as thoroughly corroborated second hand testimony. Gordon Sondland may or may not end up being the linchpin of the week, but any way it goes, it’s going to be fascinating to see how both sides tackle questioning him. and how his testimony plays. Don’t touch that dial.

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Yes indeed looking forward to Sondland’ s testimony it’s going to be very interesting. The republitards are gathering to see what kind of disgusting distraction that they can come up with. I’ve got my popcorn at the ready


First all we heard was the W.B.’s testimony is hearsay, second, third, hand information. Now we’re getting testimony from direct witnesses & they’re screaming where’s the Whistleblower. No interest from the very beginning in actually getting the accurate facts because they all know he’s guilty as hell & all they’ve got is to try to denigrate witnesses. These people are non partisan lifetime public servants. They should be ashamed of themselves treating them in this manner. Nunes “Mr. Vindman” knowing full well he’s a Lt. Colonel. Shameful.