The Silence is Deafening: Trump’s morning after reaction to empty rally seats: CRICKETS.

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Tony Dortie - 24/7 Eyes / YouTube

I’m sure Trump would have wanted the main story on HuffPost to be “Trump’s Tulsa Triumph”. Instead, he got “Trump Camp Blames Media, ‘Radical Protesters’ For Dud Turnout’.  Because there has to be someone to blame.  On HuffPost, I would have written “Trump Tanks in Tulsa” instead.


Drudge does better in the snark department with its headline. The Drudge Report came up with “MEGA LESS MAGA”an image of which which Joy Reid showed on her show this morning.

By now you’d been enjoying the many photos of the empty seats in the auditorium and the bored looking Trump supporters. You may have watched some of the clips (thank you new dad Aaron Rupar for tweeting and retweeting them) including Trump’s 10 Pinocchio lie that he ran down the last 10 feet of the West Point ramp, awarded one Pinocchio for each foot of a lie.

We all saw him with his fish lips pursed making his way down the ramp like a doddering josser until he managed to speed up for his final two steps.


When his Twitter page almost always shows him addressing a huge crowd, this is what it looked like this morning.


Trump, who we know spends hours devoted to early morning tweeting has nothing on his Twitter page  today except clips he posted 11 hours ago showing parts of his rally speech.



Note that in the lower right the images only show sections where there are lots of people. Here are the four images:


In the last two if you look closely you’ll see that whoever cropped them failed to eliminate that empty parts of the balcony on the top:


Online and on TV the many photos you are seeing elsewhere show a very different picture, for example in Jeff Mason’s tweet:

So how is the malignant narcissist who, like all of his ilk, never cry, reacting to this?

Twitter silence.


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4 Comments on "The Silence is Deafening: Trump’s morning after reaction to empty rally seats: CRICKETS."

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Are you going to believe Trump , or your lying eyes?

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

You gotta love that Million MAGAt March! Even Parscale couldn’t photoshop 6,200 MAGAts into a million. And, most of them spent two hours looking at tRump’s Rump by the angles of the crops.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Yes , Trump’s (balcony ) , is is near empty as
is the (balcony ), of his mind ?
He’s slipping very fast , while his handlers
are pumping him up physically, with who
knows what they are injecting into to
But you can be sure , it’s happening because
of those injections , by who ?????
He’s not normal, he’s unable to walk steadily
and speak in a comprehensive manner.
He’s shaky? He may be “NFL“, ( not for long ) ?


It is so great.