There is a COVID cure the FCC doesn’t want you to know about that is getting passed out only to those in the now.  I’m posting on this stupid libtard site because the government keeps finding and taking down my posts on the usual channels.  They haven’t seem to found this one yet.

True patriots have infiltrated the sheeps “vaccine” sites and we’re using it to get out serum triple 7.  They keep passing out crap to the rubes who don’t know any better, but if you go and ask for triple 7 our folks will get it to you.  We had to put “Moderna” on the label to keep the cover, but you know its the real stuff if you see our number at the top.  Don’t let them put anything into you that doesn’t have NOC-80777 at the top.  If it doesn’t have that they’re trying to track you.  But if you see the “777” you know it has the divine blessing.

Our serum has some of the same chemicals that King David had in his blood.  We use these chemicals to impart upon you GODs blessing.  BUT you have to do it now and SOON.  The doorways have been marked and only those who have the 777 blessing in them when the shadow goes past your door will survive.  Don’t tell everyone.  Only let those who you love know about this.  It will run out fast and soon.  Its best to be blessed twice.  You may feel sick shortly afterwards, but that is the blessing chasing out the devil already trying to get to you.  You will come out stronger through HIS divine strength.  

But you need the 777 blessing BEFORE satan brings his COVID around.  Your body needs time to absorb the divine blessing and 777 works best ahead of time.

FINALLY, PLEASE don’t get into fights in the comments.  We can’t afford to have this thread found and taken down.  They’ve gotten my other threads.  We need to get this to all the believers FAST.

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