CNN: Senate Advances Bill to Combat Surge of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

The Senate voted 92-6 to advance a bill Wednesday that would address the surge of hate crimes against Asian Americans, signaling broad bipartisan support and momentum for the measure.

The bill, which would assign a Justice Department official to expedite reviews of potential Covid-19-related hate crimes and establish an online database, initially received pushback from some Senate Republicans as an ineffective, messaging vote.

But Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, suggested on Tuesday that they could support the legislation if there’s an agreement with Democrats on amendments.

Only six senators voted against it.  Guess who they are and their party affiliation?

For those who do not want to click on links, here’s the answer:

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri

Republican Senator Roger Marshall on Kansas

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama

As you can see, most of these six senators are known to have kissed the asses of the previous executive officer and his racist QAnon base the most.  The last five did not even have the decency to comment about their “no” vote.  It’s obvious to the rest of us why they voted “no” to AAPI hate crimes legislation.  Their silence speaks louder than anything.

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