The Senate Goes National

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Ya know, for a while there I thought I was losing what little was left of my teeny mind. Starting on October, I began getting weekly postcards from Tom Steyer, which sadly ,made shitty cardboard airplanes. In the two weeks following the Iowa caucuses, I despaired, fearing the airwaves onslaught that was coming my way. But despite my fears other than the now brain numbed Steyer ads, there was nothing, maybe a rogue Klobuchar commercial, but that was it.

Strange, apparently nobody gave a shit about the Nevada caucuses, or our votes. But in the week after the caucuses, suddenly we’re swamped. Buttigieg, Warren, Bloomberg, Klobuchar. Can’t they read a calendar? The caucuses are over. And then a friend explained to me that the Vegas media market is beamed into a lot of southeast California, and the rates in Vegas to advertise are a fraction of what they are in California. Mystery solved.

I only mentioned this as an example because in the last 10 days or so, I’ve seen something else that is odd, political ad wise, and if you haven’t already seen it yourself, get ready, because I think you’re going to before long. For the last 10 days or so, I’ve seen introductory, inspirational political ads from Amy Mcgrath and Jamie Harrison.

Who are they? Well, Amy McGrath is a former Marine fighter pilot, and running to oust Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. And Jamie Harrison is the former head of the South Carolina Democratic party, and running to retire Leningrad Lindsey Graham. But why are they wasting money showing campaign ads in states where the people who see them can’t even vote for the candidates?

It’s Jerry McGuire time, Show me the money! Fate has placed McGrath and Harrison in races where they can profit from nationalizing those races. I don’t care who’s running against say a Ben Sasse, or a Tim Scott, they’d be wasting money advertising like this, because nobody outside of their home states even know that these two fatuous goofs are in the Senate.

But Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, no matter what else they may be, are now national figures. And not only that, as far as Democrats are concerned, they’re notorious national figures. And as Beto O’Rourke showed in 2018 in his race against the hated Ted Cruz, if you can present even an image of being a serious threat to take them down, you can capitalize on their nationwide repugnance in your race. Beto raised presidential race money for a statewide race, and clearly McGrath and Harrison are hoping to do the same.

This is actually smart politics. McConnell and Graham already have expansive cash flow leads over McGrath and Harrison, with as much more available as they need to protect their seats. Why not use their own notoriety against them by helping to ease up the cash score. Money talks, and bullshit walks, and with money, you can not only advertise and fund raise more effectively, you can also hopefully close the polling margins enough to make the DSCC pump some resources into your campaign.

There are two more races that I can see going national successfully in this campaign cycle. The first is, of course, Susan Collins. She is in a terribly weak position, her poll numbers are abysmal, and she suffers not only from her impeachment vote, but still has Brewski Brett Kavanaugh following her around like the ghost of Jacob Marley. Whichever Democratic candidate wins that primary would be wise to go this route, highlighting their support for women’s reproductive rights, and laying Kavanaugh at Collins’ feet.

The other race where I can see national advertising coming into play is in Arizona, for Martha McSally’s palsied “gimme” seat. But in the Arizona race it might not be so much McSally’s notoriety that’s the reason for the national advertising, as her opponents. She figures to square off against retired shuttle Commander Mark Kelly, husband of the heroic former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. There isn’t a Democrat in the country that doesn’t know Giffords and Kelly, and uplifting national campaign ads will be a nice way to raise money off of his positive image.

So there you have it. If you live in a major metropolitan area, and you haven’t yet seen ads from McGrath and Harrison, don’t be surprised if they start coming your way on a random basis. And actually, it’s funny when you think about it. Dickheads like McConnell and Graham have spent years trying to cultivate these personas to make them look all badass and unbeatable. Wouldn’t it be a kick if their opponents used those very same personas to raise the money needed to beat them? This could get interesting.

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Haven’t really seen much on McGrath’s campaign, but did read about her and she is very competent and going after the turtle quite successfully. Now Harrison has been making waves and he looks to be sinking the Graham ghost ship. He’s got a good heartwarming, get you in the gut story of crawling his way out of poverty and bringing people with him. I see both doing well and quite possibly taking down these two scumbags and tossing them to the curb.