The Scales Are Falling


Notwithstanding the sudden stoppage forced by the coronavirus, if you happen to be unfortunate enough to work in an office with more than ten people, or a factory with more than ten employees, or a job site with at least that many in attendance, then you are highly likely to come into close contact with a pesky species known as the Trump supporter. Oddly enough, if you can get past that almost fatal character flaw, they are often really nice people, and almost considered sane in normal company. But something is going on with them right now.

As so many other people, Teri is off on furlough right now. But the workers at Teri’s store are actually quite close for the most part, almost a family atmosphere, and so the workers are trying to stay in touch, especially since there’s not a whole helluva a lot else they can do locked up at home. Facebook is the preferred method, at least in this group, with closer co-workers augmenting their contacts with text messages. And there’s some frigging in the rigging.

When Teri “likes” one of my articles on FB, she isn’t getting anywhere the “never Trumper” backlash that she used to. And just yesterday a coworker, a firm and solid Trump supporter, told her that she was getting sick and tired of Trump’s bullshit about this whole coronavirus crisis. And a couple of days ago, I stood in line at the local gas station picking up a 15 pack of beer, and listening to a couple of guys in front of me talk politics. The guy in the baseball cap and a denim vest told his buddy, I can’t believe I actually voted for that asshole Trump, and even worse, I sent him money! A rather damning indictment from a guy who looked like he was about to drive a trailer load full of pork bellies to Wichita.

The cracks are finally starting to show. Trump’s approval ratings are down, as are his job approval ratings, as well as his handling of the coronavirus crisis. I have said repeatedly that I believe that Trump’s hold requires not only mass rallies for Trump to feed the beast, but the communal sense of spirit among his supporters. And now, they don’t have Trump friendly bars, or bowling alleys, or whatever to go to in order to congregate. And as a result, they’re left all alone, to watch their savior on television, with no soundtrack of cheering.

In the past, when discussing such matters, I have related my favorite Catholic nursery rhyme, In order to keep your faith intact, make sure it stays unsullied by fact. These days, Trump supporters have nothing but his rambling, disjointed press briefings, with no populist crowd background. Offsetting that, they are besieged on the local news by their own governors, state leaders, and mayors, all giving out grim warnings and demands to stay at home and shelter in place. Their support structure is gone. And once that first scale falls from their eyes, there is no way on God’s green earth to glue it back in place again.

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