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Arlington National Cemetery, detail / Flickr

     If you watch the network news lately, the mood is decidedly different. They are all falling all over themselves to talk about the Trump White House “finally having a couple of good weeks back to back”. OK Jack, if you say so, you’re the ones who get paid to spout this shit.

     Unfortunately for the-man-who-would-be-king, not everybody in the media is falling all over themselves gshing over his newfound popularity. Those people are the ones who actually voted for him, and those who write for the poor slobs who did. They were mickle displeased by his -roll-over-and-play-dead trick the minute Pelosi and Shumer held a 3 month extension over his nose, and they’re really pissed about even the hint of his caving on immigration, especially the wall.

     Breitbart itself is a thing of joy to behold today. Here’s just a sampling of the titles of articles;

‘The wall will come later’…Asked if he supports amnesty, POTUS responds: ‘DACA, the word is DACA’

Don sez ‘wall’ is actually just renovation of old fences

Art of the deal? Trump getting rolled

Ingraham: I don’t remember hearing “Repair the fence”

     And Breitbart isn’t the only one sounding the alarm. The execrable Drudge Report has a top header cover story with side by side pictures of Trump and Pelosi, with theheadline “Dream Team”.  And one quote from the article is plenty to get the drift;

President Donald Trump says he expects funding for his border wall to pass when he’s ready for it or Republicans will become the obstructionists in Congress.

Ummm. I’ve been following politics for a long time now, and in all of those many years, I’ve never heard of a party being in total power threatening to become “the party of obstruction”. Considering that they’re the only ones who can bring legislation to the floor, isn’t this kind of like telling themselves to go screw themselves? And correct me if I’m wrong, but back during the campaign wasn’t building the wall something that would start on day one, and now Trump will snap his fingers for the funding whenever the start align and tell him it’s time to start breaking ground?

     This is music to my ears. First of all, Wasn’t it just Sunday that Bannon puffed out his chest and boasted about how he was Trump’s wingman? They more or less held their tongues over the debt ceiling, but giving “rapists and murderers” a free pass into the country is a bridge too far.

     But better yet is the explosion of protest and negative feelings towards His Lowness on social media, his lifeblood. Within an hour of Pelosi and Shumer releasing their synopsis of the evenings shenanigans, social media lit up with outrage, condemnation and sorrow. One reporter said that his Twitter feed was “like a flickering campfire” of negative speculation. This is important because the bond between Trump and his base is based on total faith. And once total faith is broken, it can never be found again.

     Do yourself a favor. Keep an eagle eye on the polls. Forget the wall, DACA would be a mortal betrayal to his inherently racist, nationalist base. Breitbart and Drudge are already sounding the alarm, fortified by Hannity, Limbaugh and Ingraham. If his base supporters start to realize that Their messiah was just one more bullshit pol, 30% will be a ceiling, not a floor. And if that happens, 2018 may go beyond a tsunami to almost biblical flood proportions.


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