The Sands Have Shifted. So, Now What?

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Like sands through an hourglass, these are The Days f Our Lives   Soap Opera Logo

Oh, dear Lord, what a week, huh? In  one fell swoop, they have created for this old political junkie the kind of fantasy Christmas morning that even people like the Romney kids don’t dare dream of! First of all, they answered my prayer by actually K.I,S.S. They have hammered ceaselessly about Trump defiling his oath of office, and they have turned His Lowness into the dumbest mobster since Jimmy Breslin’s iconic character Kid Sally Palumbo. But even more important than that 10 speed bike under the tree, they took over the messaging, which the Republicans will never get back if they play their cards right. That’s the X-Box One under my tree.

You can actually see how the sands have shifted under the feet of Trump and the GOP. For one thing, look at the reaction of the rump acolytes in the House following the House Intel Committee, where the acting DNI got roasted over an open fire. Oh. My.God. The whistle blower is the Antichrist! He or she is a sniveling coward, a spy, a traitor, and according to Glorious Bleater, should be hung while women and children cheer. And Adam Schiff is a twisted demon, out to bring down a good and honorable man, for his own sick, demented pleasure. You know what you don’t hear? Not one, single excuse. Not a single “he’s being misquoted,” and no “The President has wide latitude in conducting foreign affairs” either. Trump’s words and actions are virtually indefensible.

You know what else you don’t hear? A single GOP Senator springing to Trump’s defense. Lindsey Graham made one half assed attempt to show why asking the Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden in 2004 was a perfectly acceptable preamble to US military aid in 2019 but shut up when 4 reporters sprayed diet Coke all over his suit from suddenly laughing so hard. Ted Cruz is busy reading Green Eggs And Ham to his kids, and Thom Tillis heard his mother calling him home for dinner.

But you know what you are hearing? You’re hearing two sitting GOP Senators, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse, both call the telephone transcript disturbing, and calling for a full investigation of the facts. You’re hearing two serving GOP Governors supporting the impeachment inquiry. And over at FUX News, you’re hearing Shep Smith tell Tucker Carlson to stick it up his ass, and Chris Wallace castigating Trump House acolytes for trying to fob off something as nothing. Oh, yeah, and FUX’s newest board member, former chickenshit House Speaker Paul Ryan, is telling the Murdoch’s that there’s no time like the present to start figuring out FUX’s role in a post Trump political world.

This is what an enemy fleeing in an open rout looks like, firing blindly over their shoulders while they desperately try not to run into any trees. This was why it was so important to establish and own the narrative, and why it’s so critical to keep this impeachment simple, and form your articles of impeachment on this sole vehicle of presidential misconduct. If you can find more, similar examples, then fine, but don’t stray from the path of simplicity.

SO, what happens net? Well, shock-and-awe if the Democrats play their hands right, and so far they look like they’re playing it perfectly. Three different House committees just slapped Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with subpoenas for documents, and right in the demand they advised Pompeo that any defiance would constitute a direct act of obstruction of congress, an impeachable offense. You can bet that the impending subpoenas for Tubby the Ewok will carry the same admonition. Even a Trump pardon can’t save them from the humiliation of being impeached and removed from office, and GOP Senators seeing their careers slipping away are going to start looking for some primo scapegoats real soon now.

Next, the House Intel and Judiciary committees should hold near daily, televised open proceedings while the congress is in recess. Even if it’s just Intel and Judiciary staff members, giving book reports on which separate aspect of Trump’s chicanery they’re investigating on, and what they’re finding, keep this stuff on the front burner, and keep hammering home the main points you want to impeach on. With congress on recess, this will be the hottest, and in most cases, only political news in town. As ling as the Democrats continue to control the narrative, they have Trumpenstein on the defensive, and unable to shape it himself.

And finally, start looking for a whole lot of people you’ve never herd of start receiving subpoenas to testify before the House committees. Right now, there are a lot of dedicated civil servants, likely in the State Department, people with full civil service protections, and who were at their desks decades before Trump and Pompeo showed up to stink the place up, who had to be involuntarily involved with the Giuliani hegiras to the Ukraine. The Democrats need independent corroboration, and evidence of the practical mechanics of the crimes in question, and if you think that these apolitical workers are going to risk their careers or worse, for a couple of two bit thugs like Trump and Pompeo, well, I beg to differ. They’ll talk until the hearing chamber runs out of oxygen. After all, who ever heard of a State Department clerk who needed legal representation for a House committee hearing before?

There are days to go and miles to row, but the Democrats are off to a flying start. As long as they keep the pressure on, the GOP and the White House will not have the time and space needed to stabilize the situation and set up an effective defense. And hearing Speaker Pelosi talk about a single line of inquiry, and a time span of weeks rather than months is music to my ears. Don’t touch that dial.

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The next thing my friends is to frog walk the occupants of the Whitehouse out of the Whitehouse while armed security guards go in and take the super secret server for safe keeping, until President Pumpkn Spice is forced to open it and like a pinata all the goodies come spilling out.

That’s going to be all of 2020s holidays rolled into one!!! Can Donny run for President from prison? Let’s see.


Way to go Mr Murf , love your writing, keep it up!!!!!