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The troll farm in St. Petersburg which created the personalized bots in rust belt states is credited as one of the major factors affecting the positive outcome for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Since then, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has stated numerous times that Facebook would use heightened transparency and full disclosure to avoid this kind of election interference again. Despite these assurances, Alabama voters have been targeted from the outside by forces trying to affect Tuesday’s special senate election. Daily Beast:

So it’s hard for ordinary Alabama voters to know where exactly these ads on their feed are coming from.

America First Action’s headquarters are difficult to pin down on the web, let alone on Facebook. The organization doesn’t provide a location on Facebook or its website. FEC documents show that the group is based out of 1400 Crystal Drive in Arlington, Virginia.

America First Action, the super PAC arm of pro-Trump dark money group America First Policies, was founded this year by top Trump operatives, including Rick Gates, the since-indicted former campaign aide, and Nick Ayers, now vice president Mike Pence’s chief of staff. Now run by Republican consultant Brian Walsh, the group’s only reported income this year has come from Ronald Weiser, the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and a top RNC fundraiser in 2016.

America First Action is not located in Alabama yet it poured $1Million into the final stretch of the campaign in the last week. Despite Mitch McConnell’s platitudes about “letting the people of Alabama decide,” that is not what is happening. Cyber technology aimed at pulling psychometric triggers are being employed in Alabama as we speak in order to influence tomorrow’s election. Same song, different day. Roy Moore was concerned a few days ago about “election theft.” Has it already happened?

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