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The South Florida Sun Sentinel has the full video of the dedication of the FBI building in 2015, which the Miami Herald could not find, proving that Frederica Wilson did not seek to take credit for it’s funding, but only described how she helped to expedite the naming of it for the two fallen officers General Kelly lamented while lying his ass off.

The video is not on Youtube, so you’ll have to follow the link to watch.

Here’s what the paper had to say:

“White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, criticizing Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, misrepresented a 2015 speech she made at the opening of a new FBI building, an exclusive South Florida Sun Sentinel video of her speech shows.

Kelly made the comments at the White House Thursday while discussing President Donald Trump’s conversations with the families of four soldiers killed in an Ambush in Niger earlier this month….

…Wilson said Kelly’s comment was a fabrication, that she wasn’t even elected to Congress when the funding for the building was approved. A Sun Sentinel video of the event supports Wilson’s version of the events.

Wilson did take credit for securing approval of the naming of the building just days before the dedication for two slain FBI agents.”

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