Russian journalist Lyudmila Savchuk went undercover to take a job working for the Kremlin’s internet troll shop for 2 months which was used to push false or exaggerated anti-Clinton stories during last years election, as well as attack other candidates in the Ukraine and in the west.

Savchuk: They get work specifications.  There are several main topics, Ukraine, USA and the EU.  In general all main topics that are on the agenda and also Russian opposition figures are regularly insulted and discredited on the internet. 

They work everywhere across social networks. Twitter, all the big networks.  They leave comments on media websites in many language, English, German, Ukrainian. 

She reveals that she was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and that the troll work took place in several languages including english and on different platforms.   Many of these troll accounts were specifically push pro-Trump and anti-Clinton stories and memes while being paid by the Kremlin and did so while specifically targeting key swing states during the election.

It’s not just about the hacking, it’s how the Kremlin used, distorted and promulgated the information they stole to change the election outcome.

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