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Rick Wilson refers to this as a Trumpian “Fecal Iceberg” as American Oversight’s FOIA documents show how as Fiona Hill observed in her testimony, that there was no parallel activity as it was simply one malign operation in the Arms for Dirt scandal.

This is now clearer in the attempt to remove the US Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch. Despite the questionable role of Robert Hyde, the timeline demonstrates the intersection of what now appears to be a criminal conspiracy.

Giuliani was acting for IMPOTUS as a private citizen

American Oversight builds the timeline:

On Tuesday, the House released new evidence provided by Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Giuliani, which included disturbing text messages that suggest the movements of former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch were being tracked.…

Many of the messages between Parnas and Robert Hyde, a Trump donor who was apparently assisting Parnas in Ukraine, were sent in late March 2019 — dates when Giuliani was in touch with Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, according to records we obtained.

March 24: Donald Trump Jr tweets about Yovanovitch at 12:12pm EDT. About 20 minutes later, at 4:34pm UTC, Parnas sends Hyde the same article that Don Jr tweeted.

March 25: Lev Parnas posts on Instagram from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, where he is with Giuliani for dinner celebrating the release of the Mueller report summary.

March 25: At that same time, Hyde is messaging Parnas (just after 2:00am the next day Ukraine time, according to the time stamps) suggesting he has Ambassador Yovanovitch under surveillance:
“She’s talked to three people. Her phone is off. Computer is off.”

March 26: A little over 12 hours later, call logs obtained by American Oversight show Rudy Giuliani spoke with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:

Also on March 26: John Solomon emailed Lev Parnas, Victoria Toensing, and Joseph diGenova an article advancing a Soros-related conspiracy theory about the 2016 election.

March 26: That evening, Giuliani appeared on Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s show. It was just after midnight in Ukraine when Hyde messaged Parnas: “If you want her out, they need to make contact with security forces…. From Ukrainians.”

The subsequent exchange between Parnas and Hyde suggests that Parnas was with Giuliani during the Ingraham broadcast.

March 27: At 11:28am EDT, Giuliani’s assistant contacts President Trump’s Oval Office secretary, Madeleine Westerhout, asking for help getting in touch with Secretary Pompeo.
“I’ve been trying and getting nowhere through regular channels”

Later that night, Hyde messages Parnas about Yovanovitch again:
“Nothing has changed she is still not moving.”
“It’s confirmed we have a person inside.”

March 28: The next morning before 9:30am EDT, Giuliani called the State Department to set up a call with Mike Pompeo. According to emails we obtained, the call was scheduled for the next day.

According to news reports, March 28 is also the day that Giuliani delivered the the “packet” he had compiled about Yovanovitch — including the email that John Solomon had sent to Parnas two days earlier.

March 29: At 3:00am Ukraine time, Hyde again messages Parnas: “She had visitors” and “It’s confirmed we have a person inside”

Just under 12 hours later, at 8:14am EDT, State Department call logs show that Giuliani spoke on the phone with Mike Pompeo for several minutes.

State Department Records of Giuliani and Ukraine-Related

This gets even more concerning when you add in the records and reports showing contacts with Rep. Devin Nunes regarding investigations of the Bidens. According to CNBC, Nunes’ staff were in contact with Parnas and Ukrainian officials in “late March.”

And Pompeo’s call schedule, which we obtained through our FOIA lawsuit, shows a call with Nunes scheduled for April 1 — listed on the log immediately after the March 29 call with Giuliani.

All of this calls into question Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s knowledge of the events unfolding in Kyiv surrounding the U.S. ambassador and her eventual ouster.

In June, one of Pompeo’s assistant secretaries would write to top House leaders providing a misleading account of Yovanovitch’s removal:

And State Department letters released to American Oversight just this month show Undersecretary Brian Bulatao writing to Yovanovitch’s attorney to instruct the former ambassador not to testify to Congress or provide documents.

State Department Records of Ukraine-Related Communications with…Records from the Department of State in response to American Oversight’s request for external communications with the president’s personal attorneys, including Rudy Giuliani, regarding efforts to…

This is why we’re working so hard to extract the paper trail of the Trump administration’s Ukraine dealings.

We have six active lawsuits seeking documents, and more files are scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.

Follow our investigation here:

American Oversight is investigating the extent of the administration’s troubling efforts to coerce a foreign government into helping to attack the president’s perceived political enemies

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  1. This is absolutely awful. The list of top government officials, etc involved is unreal. Odd how Parnas downplayed the Ambassador spying conversation. He actually seemed to me to be pretty straight up, otherwise. He’s certainly not the worst. What do we do when the people in charge are ridiculously criminal. We can’t “ Call the police” . WTF. Why does Rudy and Barr have a law license still???? Will Pompeo, Hyde use Rudy for a lawyer? Lol.
    Even my husband, construction contractor, finally gets it. He no longer supports the Nauseating one. Because his friends told him too. No facts, hard skilled workers, but most uneducated. I think the change to the map, with a sharpie did it.

  2. Why do these guys look the Al Pacino
    And the name LUKA BRAZZE , comes to mind ?
    Steven Miller as Fredo?
    The Jewish attorney , MIKE .
    Trump in baggy suits and tripping on his extra long tie , to (cover his wet spot), reminds me of , of Brando as the “DAH GODDA FADDER “.
    Day make ah da spaghetti.
    They put up ada wall of mattress’s !
    They kissa he’s ah Wring .
    And day do shitty shitty BANG BANG TO
    each other .
    It was happy time for us .


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