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Well, it’s with a feeling of disgust that I write this. In our country we have elections and generally, they are above board. It has been said that the 2020 election was the most secure in our history. This is bad news for republicans. Their idiot lost. Under normal circumstances that would be the end of it. This year we had the clown in the White House up for re-election. Personally, I would have forgone the election just so I could have sunk my size eleven boot about a foot up his ass and right out the front door of the White House. But they don’t allow that. Some rule somewhere says you can’t threaten the president.

Now anybody that might follow me would know that my first story on here was titled something like, “Great President?” There was more to it but I don’t feel like searching for it. Trump ain’t worth that much time. What I am writing about is one of his lapdogs. And this is what makes me sick. It has come out that the leader of the committee on law and order in the senate. A Republican, Lindsey Graham, made a phone call to the Secretary of State in Georgia and asked him if he could see his way to throwing out a few thousand legally cast ballots. Now to be clear this would constitute a felony. Oh and I do love to use those fancy words. That was brought up recently that Donald Trump likes to throw fancy words in to make things look official. Did it work for me? Hope so, now to get back to Lindsey. He’s got his head so far up trumps ass he’s willing to commit a felony. Of course in the days before the election, he was on Fox News crying that the Democrats were out raising him and kicking his ass. Now due to this new information, I do believe they should take another look at how he won his election. He’s already down for one felony if proven. What’s one more?

And speaking of felonies. The part of this that truly makes me sick. The first part is do these people really think we are that stupid. And the second part is are the people that are running our country really this stupid. Now in a previous article, I mentioned a scheme these rocket scientists came up with. They have decided that they could take three possibly four states. Invalidate their electors. Put in their people and get their candidate elected. Which the last two Republicans to be elected to the office of president got elected by the electoral college notwithstanding they lost the popular vote by a wide margin. The electoral college is an outdated system that was put in place a long time ago when it was hard to get all the votes in on time. It goes by the population of your state and the density of that population It’s something that republicans live for because they manage to rig the census to keep certain areas in your state republican friendly. It’s my opinion that this outdated system has long ago served its time. I can stand in a field with a small fancy walkie-talkie and call someone with a similar device in a field in France. I somehow think we are past having trouble getting our ballots to where they need to be.

But pardon me, here I am showing how smart I am and I have done run off and forgot about the true scientists. The perversion of our elections by these scientists is the whole point here. They seriously think the rubes that vote in elections and the people that are represented by these people are stupid enough to fall for their schoolyard games. Now of everything connected to this whole story is there are people out there that think I am dumb enough to believe this crap. And the other thing is that Donald Trump and his sycophants would try this. But we didn’t believe he was guilty on the Mueller report when he was. And when we found out that the day after the Mueller report was published he committed what could be called treason with the Ukraine scandal. But then the Republicans in the senate wiped his ass for him. Then in January, they informed him that there was a deadly virus that was found in China and that we needed to take precautions. Now, what does trump do but go golfing and hold rallies knowing full well there was a deadly virus out there and he should do something. Oh, I forgot. I wonder here who calls four, trump or the caddy. And yes there are presently over I believe 230,000 people that have died due to the incompetence of Donald Trump. The number of deaths and the number of confirmed cases just makes me sick. These are people’s moms and their dads and their daughters and their sons. These are everyday people you might have passed on the street. Maybe they held the door when you had packages. Maybe you knew them. And because of this even though Thanksgiving is just around the corner we will not be able to celebrate it. But we must remember that 230,000 won’t ever celebrate it again.

And this clown in the White House thinks he deserves another term. What’s he going to do this time. Blow up Times Square. He said he could shoot someone there and walk away. Apparently, he was right. Some 70,000,000 people voted for this clown who has no regard for America except as his own personal piggy bank.


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  1. Americans just HAD a free and honest election. For someone running for president who wanted to be a dictator – not a president – that must suck. Too bad. We got a president, Mr. Trump. YOU lost, because losing is what hollow, bad-ass-wannabe-mob bosses DO. LOSERS LOSE. Bye-bye, soon; though not soon enough.

  2. The blame for the current mess falls squarely on the shoulders of the GOP. It’s members supported Trump in the beginning. Any ignoramus should have had an inkling what was they and the country was going to get he was elected.

    Time to put your big person’s pants on boys and girls and remove all support for him.

  3. Trump and all minions guilty of Treason. Biden may not want his term defined by Trump investigations and trials but Biden for his sake, his family’s sake, the sake of the country better appoint a bulldog and bloodhound of a team to go after All involved and prosecute for Treason and everything else Trump and minions guilty of and then apply max sentence. No mercy as they are trying to kill our Democratic Republic for the sake of maintaining power; power to control our mind and body. Republicans are Body Snatchers. Does Russia or China have American “news” companies licensed to spew whatever over the airwaves? NO. Get rid of commie OANN and Newsmax. Section FOX for its part in the Trump fascist regime.


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