The Resistance Must Be Televised: Time Is UP

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If you will permit me this one indulgence. I take some pride, and not a little heat, for being a bit of a contrarian around here.

I don’t think the NY Times is a worthless fish wrap.

I do believe a white man could give voice to a new generation of Democrats and be our nominee, if earned.

I don’t have a problem noting when (if) a particular Republican does something right.

I laughed when people screamed down anyone who challenged Nancy Pelosi’s claim to the speakership, and then I had Speaker Pelosi’s back when she determined that she did not have enough — yet — to go forward on impeachment, much to the fury of the same people who screamed that her leadership was necessary just months prior.

I preached patience. Evolution. Anti-Reactionary. The arc of the universe being long type of shit.

I still do. I still cling to many of those contrarian notions, but I cannot forgive the current Democratic Congress’s pace of action — nay “inaction” — any longer.


The Trumplican impulse to “just do it” and worry about dealing with the Democrats down the road is working far too well, far better than it should, and I have been more than patient with the Democrats and cognizant of their limitations.

Recall Jared Kushner’s advice regarding how to handle MBS? “Just hold out till it blows over”?  Right now, Kushner is the genius and I’m the fucking idiot, at least and until the Democratic Congress decides to “do something.”

They literally got away with murder in broad daylight, and I’m pretty sure it is — in part — because of the overlapping business interests with MBS. We have crimes committed in order to cover MBS’s crimes, and nothing has happened.

I haven’t had to mention Russia yet.


But, since I just did, let’s discuss Russia.

On July 17th, Robert Mueller will report to duty in Congress. He has committed to sticking to the “four corners” of the document, not answering questions beyond it.


Read the entire fcking document right into the Congressional Record, just do it on TV. Take as long as you need.

Because right now, I don’t see near enough happening. The Report sets forth as established fact 100+ contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, and the attempt to cover it all up. But a “report” is not on TV.

I don’t see enough happening on TV right now.

Perhaps Mueller’s sheer effort, and volume of information, and clear directive to Congress, will light a fire under Congress’ ass.


Speaking of TV, maybe we can tear ourselves away from our “Debate analysis,” get away from shredding Biden supporters, Bernie Bros, Harris supporters, the folks who did or did not do well on our “televised debate” and recall why it all matters?

Here are some things that we all shared outrage about, sure that it would mean serious trouble for the Trumps, of which we are STILL waiting upon:

– Jamal Khashoggi

– Jared and Ivanka using personal email servers.

– Jared’s Security Clearance

– William Barr giving the White House a pre-view of the report.

– The strange case of Justice Kennedy, and his son — banker.

– Trump Hotel DC

– Trump stealing inauguration money.

– Trump Org pass-through money

– Kids in cages, dying, the administration ignoring court orders.

We could go on forever, but the list has three unifying features:

1) Each one was sure to cause Trump serious trouble

2.) Each one received promises of “action” from House Democrats who would “get to the bottom of it.”

3) None of them got real TV time with serious witnesses sweating.


I realize that the White House is claiming Executive Privilege on everything, absolutely everything, and that does limit what can be on TV.

No, the US House cannot declare inherent contempt and throw people in jail, anyone telling you they can based on a 1931 law is lying. But Congress can start to defund damn near anything, starting this fall.

I told people here that the Democrats were doing “impeachment lite” in demanding the witnesses and information, ongoing investigations, etc. Despite a very promising start, I have seen almost no real follow-up.

I promised people here that, should it come to the point where I think things would move faster or be more powerful if we called them “impeachment hearings,” then I would support it.

It has come to that point, because I see nothing else with the sense of “urgency” needed.


Why is urgency needed? It is not like Mitch McConnell is going to let Trump be removed no matter the evidence.

I will tell you why. Because we here are already acting like some of our candidates are “just about as bad” as what the Republicans are offering, which is Trump 2.0, bigger and bolder.

Excuse me, but f-that.

I do not want to talk about ANY of our candidates’ weaknesses unless and until ALL Trump’s weaknesses are set out for history, ON TV.

It is not hyperbole to say that if you think any of our candidates’ weaknesses are an issue right now, while the fate of western liberalism and — oh, yeah, the planet — ride in the balance, IF you believe that, then you’re an asshole deserving every bit of scorn we get as “liberals” with our heads up our asses.


This is not about “removing Trump” through impeachment. It IS about removing Trump.

Two things:

1. SET the RECORD, getting it ON TV, so the country knows what happened, and digests it.

2. Forcing Trump to run against that same record ensures the greatest chance he loses the election.

Until we set forth Trump’s actual “crimes” as a nation, I couldn’t care less if you took the top 12 Democratic candidates and drew from a hat.

THAT is where we actually are as a nation. Yet we’re governed by people who prefer to pretend all this is normal.

That is the problem, it sure seems to be getting normal, and I can prove it.

Some people here are busy burying some of OUR candidates, while Trump talks about airports.


No more excuses.

Time has run out.

Set the record.

Do it on TV.

Impeach him.

THEN let’s determine whom we prefer to run against that record, because only at that point will we know whom we trust to bear the burden of saving us from ourselves.


Peace y’all.

No novels linked today, they are not on TV.

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carol jay
carol jay

I would tweet this but I wont when it is laced with profanity. You guys are good writers. I am not sure why so often you have to resort to it. That is what the trumpcult does when they have no facts. You guys have facts. No need to salt it with words that make sharing uncomfortable for too many people.
I supported Pelosi but I dont get why she is still holding off. Is she compromised? The proof is overwhelmiing at this point.


Your playing with the big boys now. We’re in the shark tank & most are tired of having chunks of our freedoms eaten away. We’re tired of the dictater subverting the constitution time & time again, to hide his crimes against state & country. Too ‘salty’ in the tank for you ? The only way to get rid of this f’ing POS is to play by no rules of decorum or etiquette. This MFKKer is ruthless & knows no bounds of decency. Civility is a sauce trump tops his Big Macs with, starting at breakfast.

carol jay
carol jay
and when we resort to profanity we go down to the level of the trumpsters. You cnat make a point and have it heard of people are not willing to listen to/share profanity laced writings/speeches etc. This writer makes good points but I wont tweet or share it so the people I know dont get a chance to see it. Its a choice to use the profanity and not have it shared as much as it otherwise would be, which means it also loses chance of being shared/retweeted or write it using non offensive language and let the points get… Read more »
Allan you say , when we retort to…
If you think your philosophy works fot you then i say,, have at it.
Let’s be kind & civil. Personally, we’ve had our chance at civility & presidential years ago. What we got was a very sick narcissistic vindictive SOB.


The dems choose to let this continue. Kinda makes you wonder how much trump is paying out to Pelosi and others to keep these issues as nothing more than talking points. But least I know why and how the Russian campaign for trump worked so well. Obama would’ve been run out of office for even entertaining ideas that gimpy mclickboot and teflon ducey regularly implement, dems house isn’t equal to wh or Senate because dems choose to give that power to trump.

Rowdy Girl
Rowdy Girl

Carol jay is absolutely right. The language on this site has pushed me to unsubscribe, hope for wittier writers to come along, then subscribe again. But the gutter talk raises its ugly head again and again. Look, I’m a grown up, but I believe we should rise above, you know, “go high”, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE. Our language has marvelous front page worthy words to emphatically describe the twisted rot infused worm excrement oozing from the mind of the illegitimate president. Keep the easy words in the gutter where they belong.

Dead Horse Why persist in flogging decaying horse flesh? Three years, millions of dollars and a declaration of no collusion by Mueller isn’t enough? Not one of the thousand Russian contacts proved to be nefarious. None of them caused a single vote to be altered. The few thousand dollars spent by Russians on social media was dwarfed by the billions spent on the election and were of no consequence. But, Trumpobstructed justice you say. Please. He instructed everyone in his administration to cooperate and they did. He was within his rights to fire anyone in his administration and to stop… Read more »

Well, it was televised. Hahaha.

Can we move on now?